What Comes Next

From Free Northerner: The Neoreactionary Bargain The current social order is slowly(?) collapsing. The money’s run out, inflation and cheap debt are reaching the limits of their ability to mask insolvency, the natives are growing increasingly restless, low-level guerilla war is rising, and our culture and cohesion are breaking down. What can not last forever,… Continue reading What Comes Next

Family and Individualism

From The Right Stuff: Equalism is Retarded It’s time we rejected equalism and feminism. It’s time we rejected the notion that the desires of individual men and women are more important than the interests of the family as a social unit. Hmmm….but why do these have to be mutually exclusive ? Why can’t we believe… Continue reading Family and Individualism

Math Note #1 (option pricing and GR)

Collected resources: Introductory option pricing information: Four Derivations of the Black-Scholes Formula (best one) FAQ’s in Option Pricing Theory Merton Model More advanced stuff: First Hitting Time and Expected Discount Factor The Ins and Outs of Barrier Options: Part 2 (really good source. explains how to derive rebate terms in barrier pricing) “up and out… Continue reading Math Note #1 (option pricing and GR)

Free Speech and Twitter

From Pax Dickinson: I TOLD YOU SO: TWITTER’S CRACKDOWN ON FREE SPEECH and from Social Matter This Week in Reaction (2016/02/21) Twitter’s House, Twitter’s Rules. One could hope Twitter might enforce their terms of service fairly without a view to the orthodoxy of the opinions expressed. But Twitter is under no moral or legal obligation… Continue reading Free Speech and Twitter

The Daily View: In a Loop, MGTOW, and The Elite

From Amerika.org Which way, dissident Right? Currently the dissident Right is caught in a loop of rehashing its criticisms of the Left but it is unable to make the step toward the difficult stage of demanding actual change because this conflicts with Crowdist elements in its audience. We have lots of blogs rehashing ideas that… Continue reading The Daily View: In a Loop, MGTOW, and The Elite

Individualism Vs. Thede

There is a schism on ‘alt right’ (as well as the ‘mainstream right’) about individualism vs. ‘thede’ or state, and how to strike a balance between the two. First, an article about the radioactivity of individualism …which is contrasted by an article about the ‘borg’, denouncing the ills of too much collectivism. There is the… Continue reading Individualism Vs. Thede

Social Skills and Political Correctness

Are Poor Social Skills Contributing to Political Correctness? I think it’s just the opposite: In a meritocratic society, social skills are a crutch for the incompetent who get by on connections instead of skill or talent, as well as fostering political correctness because people are unafraid to ‘notice’ things and speak their minds. ‘Good’ social… Continue reading Social Skills and Political Correctness

The Daily View: Math Resurgence, Economic Growth, Student Loans

The Math Revolution:The number of American teens who excel at advanced math has surged. This agree with earlier posts I have written countering the commonly held belief that America is ‘dumbing down’, when in fact it may not be. It also agrees with posts about the rise of ‘nerd culture’, and how STEM skills are… Continue reading The Daily View: Math Resurgence, Economic Growth, Student Loans