America: The rise of the smart

Inspired by the report, Exceptionally Gifted Children:Long-Term Outcomes of Academic Acceleration and Nonacceleration, by Miraca U. M. Gross, which went viral recently. Gross’ longitudinal study of ‘Exceptionally Gifted Children’ is old, having begun in the early ’80s and ending in the late ’90s, tracks children born in Austria with IQs above 160. If such a… Continue reading America: The rise of the smart

Unz is Wrong: Covid-19 was not a bio weapon against China

The article American Pravda: Our Coronavirus Catastrophe as Biowarfare Blowback?, published by editor and founder Run Unz, which posits that Covid-19 was a bio weapon by the US against China, has been going viral. For three generations following the end of World War II, America had stood as the world’s supreme economic and… Continue reading Unz is Wrong: Covid-19 was not a bio weapon against China

Tooleb keeps being wrong

I can’t believe I’m writing about a virus. I could have never imagined such a situation a year ago. The differences between a year ago and now are so stark. Streets once full of people are empty. Anyway, Nassim Tooleb continues to demonstrate how clueless he is: Illustrates the point that + Governments are not… Continue reading Tooleb keeps being wrong

The virus endgame

Sometimes it’s hard to be optimistic about the situation, although I remain invested in tech stocks, nonetheless, as I think it is the sector most immune, and in the long-run (18-24 months) things will mostly return to normal. Yes, we can all agree the virus will eventually die down, and the rate of new cases… Continue reading The virus endgame

Investment and economic perspectives post-Covid, part 2

Yesterday in part 1, I wrote: Tech investment in Silicon Valley will resume where it left off as if nothing happened. The virus will have no lasting impact. No bursting of tech bubble anywhere. Payment processing companies such as Visa, MasterCard, Square, and PayPal will also continue to thrive. And just today Stripe announced $600… Continue reading Investment and economic perspectives post-Covid, part 2

Taleb liberal goes full retard

Taleb has gone full retard more than usual, having revealed himself to be little more than a hysterical SJW, as I said in 2019 when I called him out for being a SJW masquerading as a libertarian-conservative. Why else has Twitter not suspended Teleb’s account for egregious TOS violations by insulting people with whom he… Continue reading Taleb liberal goes full retard