Post-2008 Wealth Creation Guide

For those who have some extra money lying around, this is a 5-part series on how to make 20-40% a year on leveraged inverse ETF decay. This is a ‘how-to’ guide for the rest of us, for those who don’t feel like wasting their time with crappy, time-consuming, unprofitable endeavors like blogging, freelance work, writing, etc., or who don’t have the talent or skill to code apps, but who wish make passive, automatic income by taking advantage of the underlying mathematics behind leveraged inverse ETF decay.

Part 1 explains the economic rationale behind the method as to why it’s effective, as opposed to lousy alternatives like entrepreneurship.

Part 2 gives a cursory overview of ETFs, index funds, and ETF decay.

Part 3 explains in greater detail the mathematics behind leveraged inverse ETF decay.

Part 4 puts it all together, and shows back tested results from the method .

Part 5 shows how to place the trades.