Debunking IQ Denial-ism

In his most recent article, AGAINST INDIVIDUAL IQ WORRIES, Scott ‘truth bombs’ everyone about IQ, with phrasing that departs from his typical nuanced tone, such as calling critics ‘IQ denialists’ and dismissing emotional IQ as a ‘silly theory’. This is an article that needed to be written, because there are a lot of misconceptions about… Continue reading Debunking IQ Denial-ism

Deterministic society & economy

Hegel posited that history and anti-history annihilate to create a new history (the thesis, antithesis, synthesis triad was originated by Johann Fichte, but adopted by Marx and Hegel in their philosophies); so far, we’re still waiting for the next iteration. Earlier ‘annihilations’ include the 2008 financial crisis, 911, WW2, etc. Unless ‘stuff’ happens, and in… Continue reading Deterministic society & economy

What is going on with the alt-right

Over the past month, several bloggers and commentators, such as Davis Aurini and Z Man, have observed that the alt-right seems to be falling apart. Perhaps the alt-right is suffering from creativity sickness. There are several causes: 1. Trump back-peddling or softening on campaign promises, on issues such as immigration. (Since Nov. 2016, I predicted,… Continue reading What is going on with the alt-right

The Backlash Grows

The backlash keeps growing: Silicon Valley men push back on gender equity efforts: One of those who said there had been a change is James Altizer, an engineer at the chip maker Nvidia. Mr. Altizer, 52, said he had realized a few years ago that feminists in Silicon Valley had formed a cabal whose goal… Continue reading The Backlash Grows

Reconciling capitalism with HBD

A question is, how does one reconcile the deterministic aspects of HBD with the ‘free will’ presupposed by capitalism? Don’t these contradict each other to some degree. Form an HBD standpoint, I am of the opinion that capitalism rewards individual exceptionalism, especially cognitive exceptionally, better than any other economic and political system. A person with… Continue reading Reconciling capitalism with HBD

Meditations on millennials (and gen. z)

Why are today’s teens putting off sex, driving, dating and drinking? Even though I’m on the ‘right’, I’m not so quick to beat-up on millennials (and the generation that follows them, dubbed by some as ‘Generation Z’). Millennials were dealt a bad hand: two recessions which included financial crisis, a scarcity of good-paying jobs, expensive… Continue reading Meditations on millennials (and gen. z)

Brain Volume Strongly Correlated with IQ

Brain development parameters and intelligence in Chileanhigh school graduates This is one of the best HBD studies have have found, linking brain volume and head circumference to IQ, while controlling for socioeconomic status. The macroscopic differences between the brain of someone with a high IQ vs. a low IQ are manifestly obvious (although this is… Continue reading Brain Volume Strongly Correlated with IQ

The Puritanical-Left

How CNN Created Faux Rage When I Said Boobs On Friday afternoon I went on CNN and said the only two things that had never let me down were the first amendment and boobs. It’s a statement I’ve made hundreds of times, either in written or spoken form. Including on CNN’s Headline News, also to… Continue reading The Puritanical-Left

Not Worried About the Fed Balance Sheet Unwind

People are worried about the fed having to wind-down their balance sheet: The Fed, a Decade After the Crisis, Is About to Embark on the Great Unwinding The central bank is likely to announce Wednesday it will start slowly shrinking its $4.2 trillion portfolio of mortgage and Treasury bonds purchased during and after the financial… Continue reading Not Worried About the Fed Balance Sheet Unwind