Denmark is evidence social distancing didn’t work

Why is Quillette, which positions itself as a pro-free speech classically liberal publication and supported by classically-minded liberals, moderates, and libertarian-leaning conservatives, so pro-quarantine and pro-shutdown? Are quarantines and shutdowns compatible with classical liberalism? That seems to have more of an authoritarian vibe to it. The consequentlist argument however can be invoked that the suspension… Continue reading Denmark is evidence social distancing didn’t work

The biggest winner of Covid 19: the media

The biggest winner of Covid19 is the media, especially social media. Every senator, governor, and congressperson’s twitter account is being flooded with comments in regard to the virus, as people on either side of the aisle vent their frustrations and point blame at the other ‘side’. Trump’s twitter is bigger and more relevant than ever,… Continue reading The biggest winner of Covid 19: the media

Virus thoughts

Prince Charles has tested positive and Greta Thunberg says she has it too. I keep seeing all these stories of famous people testing positive but has anyone gotten sick? Makes me wonder. If the goal is to use the virus as a tool to influence behavior and policy, what better way than to have famous,… Continue reading Virus thoughts

Hoping for the best

Ramz Gates Paul has put out multiple videos over the past month downplaying the virus. These videos have gotten a lot of down-votes relative to his other videos(11% dislike vs. 1-2% for other topics) suggesting considerable disagreement and discussion relative to the typical non-virus video. As discussed earlier, the virus has divided the dissent-right into… Continue reading Hoping for the best