The source of Jewish success

Brett “the bedbug” Stephens put out an article about Jewish IQ and success, The Secrets of Jewish Genius: It’s not about having higher I.Q.s. I think in some regards, supposed Jewish intellectual and professional dominance is overstated. I have read many science papers in fields such as math, medicine, and physics, and Jews hardly seem… Continue reading The source of Jewish success

The evolution of the right

’80s and ’90s-era conservatism was dominated by foreign policy and culture-war issues. For example, Dan Quayle in 1992 criticized the recording industry for promoting rap music that glorified violence against police officers. The 1992 Los Angeles riots could be considered a literal culture war. And there was the war on drugs, which under Reagan saw… Continue reading The evolution of the right

The smart-left

A not-so-great debate: These Democrats are killing me I keep seeing this trend of the intellectual/smart-left criticizing the 2020 democratic candidates, such as article above. I don’t remember it being this bad in 2016 or 2008, but either this year the candidates are exceptionally bad or the smart-left has much higher standards than usual. I… Continue reading The smart-left

The Impeachment

The elephant in the room here is that Trump got impeached. I was wrong, underestimating the ruthlessness and partisanship of the dems. I was not the only one who was wrong, but so was James Altucher, who, like myself, holds the distinction of being possibly one of a handful of people who timed the post-2009… Continue reading The Impeachment

Market Update 12/13/2019

The S&P 500 keeps making new highs. Already it is at 3180, a gain of 130 points since I put out an update a month ago. Looking at the chart and drawing some trend lines, I extrapolate a target of 3800 by the end of 2021, but I think 4,200 or more is easily doable… Continue reading Market Update 12/13/2019