Answering Questions

Over the past few weeks have gotten some comments , which I would like to address as a single blog post in detail. Aren’t you worried about the Nasdaq president’s idea of racial/sexual quotas on all company boards trading there? Thomas Dell tried all this woke stuff around 2004 and destroyed his company in about… Continue reading Answering Questions

Why the jobs are going unfilled

All over Google, there are stories of ‘millions of job openings going unfilled,’ often attributed to unemployment benefits and other purported disincentives for work. My thoughts on the issue: 1 A job opening does not imply that said company is in urgent need of labor, but rather it is more like an audition process in… Continue reading Why the jobs are going unfilled

Why Talent Beats Grit (‘growth mindset’ versus the ‘fixed mindset’)

There as been considerable debate about the so-called ‘growth mindset’ versus the ‘fixed mindset’. Scott has written many posts comparing and contrasting the two. From the article Why Grit Is More Important Than IQ When You’re Trying To Become Successful: While comparing career accomplishments, you were shocked to learn that the kid from school with… Continue reading Why Talent Beats Grit (‘growth mindset’ versus the ‘fixed mindset’)

Taleb, more BS

When I made a post a few weeks about Taleb being called out on his BS, I was not cherry picking, but rather this habitual on the part of Taleb. So a few days ago, Coinbase announced its IPO, valuing the cryptocurrency exchange, founded in 2012, at around $60-80 billion. Taleb retweeted approvingly a tweet… Continue reading Taleb, more BS

The future: much like the present

In cosmology, the steady-state universe describes a model for which the universe is neither expanding nor contracting, but, as the name suggests, remains the same size (in terms of its geometric boundary). However, this has long been ruled out by radio telescope data, which show the universe is expanding and possibly even accelerating. But in… Continue reading The future: much like the present

Paper Wealth is Real Wealth

On various online discussions, usually in regard to Elon Musk’s wealth (or other billionaires, but it is usually Elon Musk given his fame and wealth), is that the reason he cannot ‘do more’ in terms philanthropy is that his wealth is paper wealth, not real wealth, and thus it’s not like having money. Regardless of… Continue reading Paper Wealth is Real Wealth

Normies, Status, and Substack

In regard to status, it’s not about how much money you earn, but rather the size of your megaphone. Obama is hardly among the wealthiest in the world, but commands a huge megaphone in terms of his influence. Normies, even wealthy normies, are stuck having little influence despite otherwise projecting the outward appearance of success,… Continue reading Normies, Status, and Substack