The Question of Collapse

A question or topic of discussion that comes up a lot in the intellectual-web (such as high-IQ Reddit subs and blogs is) is, has American society collapsed and or is dying? This is a difficult to answer, as there’s evidence either way. America is collapsing yet simultaneously booming, depending where you look. There is evidence… Continue reading The Question of Collapse

Downsizing and Privatizing the Police, some Implications

In regard to the push by BLM to ‘defund the police’, which is a red herring–the police are almost certainty not going to be defunded, and even most liberals are opposed to the idea–it is interesting nonetheless to entertain the hypothetical of how privatized or downsized policing could work, and the positive and negative implications… Continue reading Downsizing and Privatizing the Police, some Implications

Bret Weinstein on Joe Rogan

Bret Weinstein recently was on the Joe Rogan show Dr. Weinstein starts off on a pessimistic note, saying that things will get worse in terms of the culture wars and civil unrest, with the George Floyd protests being the latest manifestation of a longer-term trend of unrest and opposition to ‘enlightenment values,’ although I wish… Continue reading Bret Weinstein on Joe Rogan

Dave Chappelle Special

Dave Chappelle put out an impromptu Netflix special, 8:46 , which is in reference to the number of minutes and seconds the officer keeled on George Floyd’s neck. For those who were expecting a comedy show, instead got a sermon/lecture on race and police brutality. It seems like he is rambling , giving a sundry… Continue reading Dave Chappelle Special

The memory hole pandemic

Greg Cochran hasn’t been writing about Covid-19 as much as he has in the past, and without the the same sense of urgency. His most recent entry, a short post from June 8th titled At the Mountains of Madness, has nothing to to with Covid, but rather concerns H.P. Lovecraft’s views on insanity. His penultimate… Continue reading The memory hole pandemic

The premature ‘Death of Democracy’

Is State Protection a Threat to Liberal Democracy? This is another one of those liberal-democracy-is-on-the-brink type articles. Such articles warning of the impending death of democracy have become commonplace since the election of Trump, about how Trump and the supposed rise of right-wing extremism are to blame for democracy dying or being on the brink… Continue reading The premature ‘Death of Democracy’

The New Socialism

A common complaint in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis is that government policy exclusively benefited TBTF banks, as opposed to ‘main street’. Conservative critics likened it to a soft form of socialism, with the financial, housing, and, to a lesser extent, the auto sector, being the main recipients and beneficiaries of such policy.… Continue reading The New Socialism