On Writing

These two stories are going viral: 13 Questions to Ask Before Submitting to a Literary Journal There Is No Handbook for Being a Writer Too many people want writing ‘hacks’ and ‘tips’, without understanding that writing is a market, which means that for writing to be read, it typically has to meet some sort of… Continue reading On Writing

A bloc unified against ‘low information’

Here we see Land linking to Tyler’s article, again, despite Tyler being pro-immigration, pro-open borders, and anti-Brexit. But Tyler is not the only one with these views. Many other liberals share them too, but what makes Tyler special. The Tyler-NRx-rationality diaspora seemed confusing but then I kinda put it all together, as a bloc unified… Continue reading A bloc unified against ‘low information’

Nicholas Nassim Taleb Becomes Self-Aware

Nicholas Nassim Tooleb holds a mirror to himself for some much needed self-reflection: Intellectual Yet Idiot: semi-erudite bureaucrat who thinks he is an erudite; pathologizes others for doing things he doesn’t understand not realizing it is his understanding that may be limited; imparts normative ideas to others: thinks people should act according to their best… Continue reading Nicholas Nassim Taleb Becomes Self-Aware

Difficulty of NRx Cohesion

Why is it so hard for NRx to be cohesive, on the same page? This is the subreddit that should have existed all along. Nemester is like the archetypical arrogant forum moderator who abuses his power and has no self awareness. I feel personally embarrassed having read that email exchange and discovering that his most… Continue reading Difficulty of NRx Cohesion

Brexit Happens

Brexit came and went, and the immediate consequences were bad. In overnight trading, hundreds of billions of dollars were lost, as Global markets plunged between 4 percent (United States) to 10 percent (Germany, UK), with billions more projected if Britain enters recession. Although I agree to some extent with the cause, I disagree with the… Continue reading Brexit Happens

He’s Right Again

He’s right again (Martin Shkreli in response to Senile Sanders): Maybe the kids realize a life of prosperity is marginalized by encroaching socialism and capitulate early? https://t.co/0KpTaLlChz — Martin Shkreli (@MartinShkreli) June 19, 2016 People such as myself and Martin want to create economic environments where the best and the brightest can succeed to their… Continue reading He’s Right Again

Welcome To the Working Class Nick Denton!

From Justine Tunney: Welcome To the Working Class Nick Denton! As many already know, Gawker recently filed bankruptcy and is seeking to sell its assets to cover the Hogan judgement. Justine Tunney, one of the earliest pioneers of NRx (until she was unfortunately expelled), recounts how Gawker tries to ruin lives: You may remember me… Continue reading Welcome To the Working Class Nick Denton!

Correct Predictions, Part 2

Not much going on again. Some time ago NRx and rationalism began running out of ideas. Too many open threads and link round-ups. ‘Echo chamber’ does seem like an apt description, but it’s a chamber where stale ideas are reverberated, not new ideas. Everything has become so predictable, expected (the inevitability of everything) that even… Continue reading Correct Predictions, Part 2