Conspiracy Theories

Not much going on…same as usual. The media is like stack of megaphones placed in front a buzzing insect, amplifying the noise until it’s defending, working everyone into a frenzy. Tuning out the sensationalist media hype is the easiest way to not make investing mistakes, as well as live a happier life. There are some… Continue reading Conspiracy Theories

FOMC Stupidity

Form the Reformed Broker: This is a low-flying panic attack There are too many people who believe that just because they have a blog and opinions, they can also pretend to be fed chairman, because obviously the fed is doing it all wrong, and it’s up to the lowly blogger to ‘set them strait’. The… Continue reading FOMC Stupidity

The Physics Police

This article went viral: Dear Dr B: Why not string theory? This article is a casebook example of the the modus operandi of liberalism, which is to try to ‘save’ people from perceived evils as determined by said liberal, whether it be big corporations, ‘greedy’ capitalists, ‘predatory’ lenders, genetically modified food, ‘institutional racism’ (a favorite),… Continue reading The Physics Police

Preventing Bad Policy

The general consensus by economists and policy makers is that the 2016 United Kingdom European Union membership referendum (brexit) will have negative consequences: IMF says Brexit ‘pretty bad to very, very bad’ The Brexit delusion Brexit is a needless complication, an attempt to fix something, that while flawed (especially about immigration), isn’t yet sufficiency broken… Continue reading Preventing Bad Policy

Religion of Peace Strikes Again

Suspected Orlando gunman identified, has ‘some connection to ISIS’ Mass shootings and other acts of domestic terrorism have surged under Obama: Possible reasons include the exceptionally polarizing nature of the Obama administration, which provokes extremists. Also, Obama’s softness on terrorism and affinity to Islam. As I alluded to yesterday, Islamic terrorism is the greatest threat… Continue reading Religion of Peace Strikes Again

Real World Risk Institute

In the mid 2000’s after a string of losses, Nassim Nicholas Tooleb closed his fund, Empirica Capital, to become a writer specializing in repacking otherwise prosaic ideas. Despite Taleb’s fame and all the media attention about ‘black swans’, Tooleb’s CV is unimpressive. All his papers are sparse, lacking in rigor, and published in low-impact journals… Continue reading Real World Risk Institute

Tyler Cowen: What is neo-reaction?

From Tyler Cowen of Marginal Revolution: What is neo-reaction? The article stats are impressive : 525 comments, 287 Facebook shares, 2337 Tweets, and 162 Reddit ‘posts’, indicating a considerable amount of interest in this subject matter and further evidence NRx and the ‘alt right is going ‘mainstream’. 1. “Culturism” is in general correct, namely that… Continue reading Tyler Cowen: What is neo-reaction?

Consider Protestantism

Although NRx is ostensibly Catholic and seeks another ‘Restoration’, as a minimalist I tend to identify more with the simple, plain ascetic of Protestantism than the ostentatiousness of Catholicism. …But first a synopsis to understated the origins of the acrimony between Catholicism and Protestantism, in the context of NRx. The ‘beef’ with Protestantism dates back… Continue reading Consider Protestantism