No Coming Realignment

This article went viral The End of the New Deal Era—and the Coming Realignment For as long as all of us can remember, American politics had always meant the same war between Republicans and Democrats. The Democrats were the party of New Deal liberalism, as they had been since Franklin Roosevelt. The Republicans were the… Continue reading No Coming Realignment

Alex Jones

Things have been pretty slow lately. People are wondering if the conclusion of the Mueller investigation/witch-hunt will mean Trump will take a more assertive role in his presidency, and my answer is likely not. I think Trump is pandering extra-hard to Israel in recent weeks in the hope of gaining GOP support for the wall,… Continue reading Alex Jones

The Great Miscalculator: Response (why there won’t be a debt crisis in America)

From National Affairs, The Great Miscalculator, by Arnold Kling Arnold writes: This distance between our expectations of markets and their actual abilities has numerous implications. It argues for humility about economic analysis and public policy, and for a sense of perspective about what the tools of economists offer us. The work of economists and policymakers… Continue reading The Great Miscalculator: Response (why there won’t be a debt crisis in America)

Taxes and Incentives

A common criticism of the AOC plan of a 70% marginal tax rate on individuals earning $10 million or more is that it hurts people who work hard and that therefore it is a dissentive. There are plenty of people who work hard and make nowhere near $1 million, let alone $10 million. Prince Al-Waleed… Continue reading Taxes and Incentives

The IQ Decline

Vox Day and others argue that IQs are 10 points lower now than they were 50-100 years ago, and that society is getting dumber. A Google search reveals many such studies. But in many ways society has gotten smarter: more technology (such as information technology, biotechnology, and smart phones), as well as advances in math… Continue reading The IQ Decline

Yang may be anti-white, but they all are

Interesting video Yang may be anti-white, but so are the other Democratic candidates, who are even more anti-white. And he’s a gun-grabber, but they all are. A pro-white candidate regardless of party affiliation would never be allowed to win the nomination. Ron Paul is probably the closest recent example of a possibly pro-white candidate having… Continue reading Yang may be anti-white, but they all are

The Trump Black Pill

Things are going as I predicted in 2016-2017: little to no progress on immigration, too much capitulation, no progress of ‘returning jobs to America’, more defense spending, pro-Isreal policy, etc. The good news, is I was also right about the Mueller investigation being a dud, with zero new indictments. [1] Just another example of how… Continue reading The Trump Black Pill

IQ & Wealth, Part 2

For months, Taleb has been arguing that the correlation between wealth and IQ is non-existent. He posted the following scatter plot from the Zagorsky, 2007 study below, but note how he chops off the bottom: It’s worse than I thought because in my original post I did not mention the fact that Taleb blocked out… Continue reading IQ & Wealth, Part 2

Taleb’s Deception

[1] Even if she is right, it’s evident Taleb prefers the company of the far-left than the right, by following and re-tweeting leftists. It’s funny how Vox thinks Taleb is to the right of Dr. Peterson even though despite both being highly visible public figures, the left never lifts a finger on Taleb, yet the… Continue reading Taleb’s Deception