The Trump Black Pill

Things are going as I predicted in 2016-2017: little to no progress on immigration, too much capitulation, no progress of ‘returning jobs to America’, more defense spending, pro-Isreal policy, etc. The good news, is I was also right about the Mueller investigation being a dud, with zero new indictments. [1] Just another example of how I’m really good at understanding and predicting things, whether it’s stocks, politics, finance, econ, etc.

In spite of supposed right-wing populism, in America, the elites and status quo are stronger than ever. Every pre-2016 Trend has only been magnified since 2016. But there is one change: the rise of the far/populist-left, as evidenced by the quasi-socialist front-runners of the 2020 United States presidential election.

On major right-wing communities such as 4chan, 8chan, Roosh V. Forum, Unz, etc., Trump supporters are black-pilling. Right now the ‘MAGA coalition’ has a problem, and that is Trump’s inability to deliver on anything, which has left many of his online supporters disaffected and are defecting to populist Democratic candidates such as Yang in the hope of any sort of change to break the iron grip of the status quo. Yang, by tweeting about automation and whites dying from Opioid abuse, at least demonstrates that he understands the problems facing whites.

Scott keeps putting out periscopes about how great of a persuader Trump is, but if he’s so great, why has he had so little success with legislation, except for the tax cuts? Why did he get such a poor deal on the wall funding? Why does he keep appointing people that are at odds with his agenda and turn on him later? Why has he caved and capitulated on so many things? I agree with Scott that Trump has a good chance of winning, and that sentiment is more important than action/policy. But I don’t think Trump has had much success persuading Congress as he has the American people. Offline, Trump’s support is stronger and than ever, and this is why he will win in 2020, but online is much more pessimistic.

Trump is doing everything he needs to do to win in 2020, which is to say, not much. The strength of the US economy and the stock market, and the general awfulness of the Democratic candidates, will carry the day.

From the Roosh V. forum, by “The Black Knight” this comment stood out:

1. End birthright citizenship – mentioned it a few times… then forgot about it.


2. Kick out 10 million plus illegals – logistically impossible without an army and the overwhelming will of the majority populace.


3. Strip anchor baby citizenship – Ethically difficult for many; legally. questionable if can be done.


4. Impose a merit based immigration system – Too many cucks in GOP; never gonna happen w/GOP unless huge cuck and racial trends reverse 180 right now.


5. Build a wall in at least high traffic areas – Can’t even do this simple thing by and large.


6. Close the border to everyone except the Einstien’s of the world for 20-40 years. – He wants more legal immigrants for Tim Apple.


… Then the MAGA immigration issue is dead in the water. Accept it and find the next best alternative is the smartest move. Denialism and selective revisionist history does nothing but waste time and make you look foolish. It hurts, I get it. Accepting that Trump is not the real deal and not even fighting the good fight via ACTIONS, it stings. The 2018 mid-terms proved quite clearly that the country isn’t truly overwhelmingly in favor of the MAGA immigration agenda and really doesn’t have the stomach to deport 10 million plus people. If it did, Trump and the MAGA crew would have won big time in Congress.

As I have stated, the problem is policy makers on either side simply do not view Mexican immigration as much of a problem, because such immigrants don’t commit acts of terror and tend to be non-violent most of the time (estimates vary, but the data suggests they commit more crime than whites but less than blacks). And both sides benefit; for the left, it’s cheap votes; for the right, it’s cheap labor. It would probably take a major terrorist attack, worse than 911, to make America totally overhaul its immigration policy. What is more likely to happen is the homeland security apparatus of power will be enlarged instead of immigration policy being changed (except against Islamic immigration).

Unfortunately, if you care about the MAGA immigration issue now: it will basically take a violent revolt at this point. If you are not advocating for that (I’m not personally), best thing to do is focus on the next best realistic option. Simply put, Trump pissed away the last great window of opportunity to possibly resolve the problem within the confines of the system; to the degree that MAGA guys would want done as listed in the top of this post. It’s counter-intuitive but Andrew Yang has the next toughest immigration reform policy out of any democrat by a 1000 miles and including most of the GOP; most of who were pushing quick-given amnesty right before Trump showed up (look up: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013). Again, unless you are gonna revolt: Yang is the best alternative if you care about MAGA immigration like reform.

A agree. Although Trump has almost 2 years left, it feels like it’s over. The momentum of 2016-2017 is gone. There’s not going to be much, if any, progress for the reaming 2 years on any of Trump’s promises and agenda, and we just have to wait and see what 2020-2024 has in store. The new meme is MIGA (make Israel great again). I originally thought it meant “make immigration great again,” which given Trump’s predilection to legal immigration, also works.

A positive twist is that, economically, America’s lax immigration policy is incompatible with a UBI. If the UBi is wildly popular with Democratic voters, and as with all hand-out programs there is little reason to believe it won’t be, then it may force Democrats to choose between immigration or a UBI, and they will likely choose the UBI.

[1] Will we get any contrition from the left? Unlikely. Journalists, pundits who for the past 4 years have defamed Trump and his supporters realize none of the downside from being wrong and reap all the upside if and when they are occasionally right. This is the problem with the media. They spread FUD and make incorrect predictions are insulated from the consequences of almost always begin wrong. The benefit from the fact that people have short memories. This is why I and others such as Elon Musk have proposed the equivalent of a ‘Consumer Reports’ for pundits that will hold pundits accountable for past predictions, and will allow readers to view past predictions of pundits, to know whose opinions to value and whose to discard.