Thoughts on GME (GameStop)

I did not expect I would be writing another GameStop (GME) post, but this is the biggest story in the news now, by far. It has enthralled the internet and punditry, especially social media, with an intensity that rivals even the Capitol Hill protests, the 2020 election, the inauguration of Biden, Covid, or any other… Continue reading Thoughts on GME (GameStop)

The ‘Extremism’ of Civic Nationalism

It is interesting how the media frames ethno-nationalists and white nationalists as extremists compared to civ-nats (or mainstream conservatives, in general), yet if you go down the actual issues and policy, a different picture emerges. Consider Kevin Williamson, who writes for National Review and epitomizes the archetypical civ-nat. In 2017 I referred to him as… Continue reading The ‘Extremism’ of Civic Nationalism

Making sense of the news cycle

I am finding it increasingly difficult to consume information without being overwhelmed. There are so many articles, books, blog posts I want to read; so many podcasts to listen to; so many discussions to participate in, and so on. Between 2017-2018 it seemed there was a dearth of stuff going on, except for perhaps North… Continue reading Making sense of the news cycle

Why people choose authoritarianism over democracy

Commentators have noted that the Q-movement, as well as MAGA, in general, has tones of authoritarismism too it. It would seem like there are all of these young and middle-aged people who want a bigger, more powerful government, and to be ruled by an autocrat. The question is, why would anyone choose authoritarismism over democracy.… Continue reading Why people choose authoritarianism over democracy

The Daily View 1/19/20

Joe Biden will soon be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. There was no kraken or ‘storm’, but there were however ‘mass arrests’–of the Trump supporters who stormed the capitol…about a hundred individuals in total. So at least that Q prediction came true. Having your guys arrested in an act of… Continue reading The Daily View 1/19/20

How /r/WallStreetBets ‘Solved’ Wall Street

There is a book by Wall Street Journal reporter Zuckerman, The Man Who Solved the Market: How Jim Simons Launched the Quant Revolution, about James Harris Simons–a former mathematician, physicist, and code breaker–who launched arguably the most successful hedge fund ever, Renaissance Technologies, which for decades has posted annual returns in excess of 40%, making… Continue reading How /r/WallStreetBets ‘Solved’ Wall Street

Trump Twitter Suspension

To say the past few days have been overwhelming is an understatement. I am still trying to wrap my mind around the events that have transpired. It feels like after 911 , but even more intense, in part due to the role of social media. In some ways it is worse because at least after… Continue reading Trump Twitter Suspension