Not worried about coronavirus

People are collectively losing their minds over the coronavirus. The S&P 500 had its worst week since the 2008 financial crisis, falling 10%. Many reputable sources have resigned themselves to believing that the coronavirus will inevitably get worse. I’ve heard some sources say that all countries and everyone will be infected, so all 8 billion… Continue reading Not worried about coronavirus

Liberalism, liberal democracy not in retreat

From Quillette Don’t Blame Neoliberalism for ‘Postmodern Conservatism’ The premise of the article is wrong. For the past few years, since Brexit and the election of Trump, liberals have been pushing this narrative that liberal democracy is in retreat, dying, in decline, etc. The evidence suggests liberal democracy is not in decline, but rather (as… Continue reading Liberalism, liberal democracy not in retreat

Speaking too soon again

From Vox Day’s blog A reckoning is here Once again, Vox is predicting crisis and reckoning where none exists. He predicted in 2018-2019 that there would be arrests and that the dems are in ‘full panic’ mode due to Trump purportedly draining the swamp. As it turned out, there were major arrests, those being Roger… Continue reading Speaking too soon again

Political Forecasts/Predictions are Worthless

The 2020 Real Clear Politics Democratic nominee odds confirm what I have suspected for awhile: that political predictions are worthless: Having been wrong about Trump being impeached, I have stopped making political predictions/forecasts in regard things in which there is voting involved. It’s easy to forecast a general trend, but much harder to forecast discrete… Continue reading Political Forecasts/Predictions are Worthless

Eugenics Debate

There has been a ton of talk in recent days about eugenics, stemming from a Richard Dawkins tweet in which he said that ‘eugenics works,’ but also added the caveat that he still opposes it for humans even though eugenics is used to select for certain traits in regard to animal breeding, for example. This… Continue reading Eugenics Debate

Problems with Ethno-States

Dissent/alt-right bloggers such as Vox Day and Ram Z Paul talk about the need for ethno-nationalism, as opposed to civic nationalism. The former, unlike the latter, believes that a nation should be united by a common genetic/biological lineage, rather than an idea or ideal (the so-called ‘proposition nation’). But it is also opposed to interventionism,… Continue reading Problems with Ethno-States

Dropping like flies

In the span of a week, three Twitter accounts have been banned, those being Owen Benjamin, Zeorhedge, and Katie Hopkins [who was also recently unbanned]. I’m not a fan of Zero Hedge because a lot of their coverage falls into the FUD/hype category, but they were given no warnings but simply banned for questioning the… Continue reading Dropping like flies

College cheating epidemic shows that college is useless

From NPR Buying College Essays Is Now Easier Than Ever. But Buyer Beware Why are all these liberals up who are otherwise indifferent to or oppose the concept of objective morality so strongly and uniformly opposed cheating in college, such as the use of paper mills? Because it exposes the inherent inefficiency and uselessness of… Continue reading College cheating epidemic shows that college is useless

Is the purpose of school to create obedient workers? Repost

For some reason my WordPress setting got messed up, causing drafts that I had written a month ago to be published on their original date instead of the current date, rendering the posts invisible and the blog not updated. Monday’s post was supposed to be Is the purpose of school to create obedient workers? Questioning… Continue reading Is the purpose of school to create obedient workers? Repost