Ukraine-Russia Update

It looks like I was right again, although wrong once: I was wrong about Putin not invading Ukraine. But I was right about the war being self-contained, not being as bad as feared, and the stock market making a sudden and V-shaped recovery, which it did last week and this week. Even though the situation… Continue reading Ukraine-Russia Update

Taylor Hawkins dies

Vox Day blames Taylor Hawkins’ sudden death on the Covid Vaccine: I suspect there are going to be a lot of deaths attributed to overdoses and other factors that are actually the result of a heart weakened by the Covid vaccinations. Given the unreliability of the medical community, the only reliable statistic will be the… Continue reading Taylor Hawkins dies

It is possible for large groups of people to keep secrets for a long time

A common argument against the existence of conspiracy theories is that large groups of people are unable to keep secrets, so the existence of the conspiracy will inevitably leak to the public. How can thousands of people be involved in a moon landing hoax, UFOs, or 911, and not have at least one of them… Continue reading It is possible for large groups of people to keep secrets for a long time

The Debate over Cancel Culture: Some Thoughts

Over the past week there has been considerable discussion about cancel culture and free speech. But some of the analysis possibly misdiagnoses the problem. Much of the media attention and hype focuses on academic censorship or social media censorship, but–news flash–censorship is everywhere where there are humans and a scarcity of the most valuable resource… Continue reading The Debate over Cancel Culture: Some Thoughts

Not that smart

From Cernovich People assume because I used to look like a model, and remain handsome for my age, that I can’t bring the heat. In fact physical health is a sign of high IQ. The brain is organic matter, after all. I would like to invite Noah to run hill sprints with me. ❤️❤️❤️… Continue reading Not that smart

Market update Fed edition

Time for a market update 1. The fed raised interest rates yesterday, as expected. I am very optimistic about the stock market going forward. I’m expecting new highs this year despite the recent selling due to Ukraine. 2. Right now, real interest rates are the lowest ever, at around negative 6-8%. This is hugely negative,… Continue reading Market update Fed edition