The Ukraine Rollup , media fails again

It’s remarkable but not that surprising (to me at least, given that I predicted it) that the Ukraine situation has decelerated from 60 to 0. It’s still ongoing, but fell way short of the doom and gloom forecasts a month ago. A month ago were being told to prepare for nuclear war. I am not exaggerating. Otherwise smart, informed people were assigning a non-trivial likelihood of ‘MAD’. And nothing even came close to that. It’s just like Covid 2.0 again . In fact, it doesn’t even rise to the level of Covid given that Covid actually killed more people. The media owes everyone an apology for, yet again, trying to stir fear and panic for ratings; will they apologize or ever be held accountable, of course not.

The same people who 15 years ago opposed the Iraq war, were a month ago emptying their pockets for Ukraine “This war is just…trust us.” Yes, let’s donate to millions to a famously corrupt government that even has a long Wikipedia page documenting its misdeeds…what’s the worst that can happen.

This goes to show, over and over again, how useless the media and these experts are. Bloggers such as myself and others, who have no ‘official’ credentials, are more accurate than the professionals, whether it’s about Covid, economics, war, etc. That’s why, as I said before, that competence is likely inversely related to exposure. Nobodies on 4chan and Twitter, and obscure, anonymous Substack bloggers are a better source of information than salaried pundits and people who have hundreds of thousands of followers. In an ideal world it should not be this way. The assumption is ‘the marketplace’ should reward competence. It evidently does not.