Twilight of the Alt-Right

From Taki Twilight of the God Emperor, by David Cole. Notice how no one talks about the “alt-right” anymore. Wasn’t it only two years ago that everyone, friend and foe alike, was speaking of this new “force” on the right? Well, that tiger turned out to be more paper-thin than an elderly Jap’s origami sculpture.… Continue reading Twilight of the Alt-Right

Sanctions on Iran

Trump issues “hard-hitting” Iran sanctions The evidence suggests the Trump administration casting the widest net in terms of foreign policy policing and influence ever, even more so than George W. Bush or Teddy Roosevelt. So many countries are caught in the web now: Mexico, Turkey, Venezuela, China, Syria, Iran, Russia, etc…all within 2 years. Either… Continue reading Sanctions on Iran

Don’t forgive them their student loan debts

For some reason, many on the right such as Vox Day, Mike Cenoivch, and others are embracing student loan forgiveness. Tax university endowments 50%. Use this money to pay off student loans. Make those who scammed teenagers – the colleges and universities – take personal responsibility for what they've done. — Mike Cernovich (@Cernovich) June… Continue reading Don’t forgive them their student loan debts

The evolution of the online ideological and political landscape

When did the left begin to fall out of favor online? The OWS movement and the reelection of Obama marked the apex of online liberalism, and then starting around 2013 or so, the culmination of several events saw the online-left splinter and lose influence and appeal: the failure of OWS to change anything, a growing… Continue reading The evolution of the online ideological and political landscape


Neoclowns are insanely stupid Yeah if only there was someone in charge, such as,say, a president, who could have appointed someone else. Trump affirms that the very person he appointed is what everyone thinks he his. That is really showing them neoclowns who is the boss now. Trump’s statement is a positive rather than normative… Continue reading Fail

The Blackpill Files, Part 2

Part 1 The complaints people have are as follow: Empty threats and promises on Twitter that he never follows through on, such as ‘Amazon costing the USPS money’, social media censorship, drug prices, or having ‘someone look into something’, which leads to nowhere, such as: How much does Pompeo actually care? Not much. Caving-in and… Continue reading The Blackpill Files, Part 2

Abortion and Crime Revisited

There have been some updates supporting the prophylactic effect of abortion on crime, as originally popularized by economist Steven D. Levitt in the 2005 best-seller Freakonomics. Crime fell roughly 20% from 1997-2014 due to legalized abortion; cumulative effect is 45% drop, accounting for much of 50-55% overall decline from the peak of crime in the… Continue reading Abortion and Crime Revisited

The Blackpill Files, Part 1

This post turned out to be way longer than I expected, so I broke it up. Anti-dem takes on the so-called blackpillers, writing: The reasonable reaction to hearing about all this might have involved public expressions of disappointment. It might have involved legitimate, measured criticism – the President has made some real mistakes, he’s done… Continue reading The Blackpill Files, Part 1