The Blackpill Files, Part 1

This post turned out to be way longer than I expected, so I broke it up.

Anti-dem takes on the so-called blackpillers, writing:

The reasonable reaction to hearing about all this might have involved public expressions of disappointment. It might have involved legitimate, measured criticism – the President has made some real mistakes, he’s done some things with which I seriously disagree, and by no means am I saying that he should be beyond reproach.

But the problem is, this is just not one mistake or letdown, or even a few, but a pattern or trend that has become habitual.

it has involved “blackpilling” – hysterical, screechy proclamations that Trump has “cucked” and we have all been betrayed, along with mopey, effeminate whining about how all hope is lost.

Criticizing Trump and feeling hopeless are not necessarily mutually inclusive. But the blackpillers are right though about the ineffectiveness of politics and activism. People, for years, have been complaining about excessive immigration and migrants into Europe and America, but nothing changes. Pat Buchanan has been writing the same stuff for decades now to little or no avail. Has it changed anything? Likely not.

This has even crossed into the bizarre suggestion that the pro-white right would be better off supporting a Samoan hard leftist because she has been mildly critical of expansionist foreign policy, and a Chinese socialist, apparently because the white race will be rendered far better prepared to face its future as a despised minority in what were once its homelands by becoming hopelessly dependent on government welfare.

Anti-dem is missing the point. The reason why some on the the alt-right and dissident-right support far-left candidates is to hasten the collapse of a system they view to be inherently and irredeemably corrupted, rather than just kicking the can down the road, which is what Trump has done. After America collapses under the weight of left-wing degeneracy, it can be rebuilt or ‘restored’ to an earlier and better state, similar to restoring an operating system to an earlier version. Some believe that Andrew Yang’s UBI will create hyperinflation and and thus the collapse of the US economy. Even if Yang wins and his UBI is ratified, I don’t see such a collapse occurring, but that is the justification for some on the far-right for supporting him.

But also, Yang is aware of problems facing White America, such has opioid addition and automation-related unemployment, that most politicians are obvious to and or don’t care about. Many people, both on the ‘left’ and ‘right,’ are tired of Middle East Interventionism and world policing, and if it means electing, heaven forbid, a democrat to stop this, maybe there are no other options, and then there is also the accelerationism angle, so you kill two birds with one stone. Obviously, dems have shown themselves to be as bad as cons in this regard. I myself don’t vote, so it’s not a choice I will be making.

Some such as Scott Adams say “Trump created/fostered peace between Russia and north Korea” and that “if Hillary won, Russia and North Korea would be in crisis.” And for 2017 and 2018, I believed that, and then very recently I asked myself, “how many wars and conflicts were there under Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama regarding North Korea and Russia,” and the answer is none. Yeah, Putin and Obama were never friends, but it’s not like we know conclusively that had Clinton won that diplomatic relations would be worse. I don’t think they would have been any different. Also Trump is much harder on Russia than either Bill Clinton, Obama, or Bush, putting sanctions on Russia in 2018 (and again in 2019) and threatening sanctions against Turkey regarding S-400 deal with Russia. Do you really think Putin wants America interfering with its dealings.

Unlike those who breathlessly proclaimed him “God-Emperor” three years ago with the exact same fervor with which they now denounce him as a traitor, a “Boomer”, a “cuck”, and a villain, I approached Trump with low expectations, which he has consistently met or exceeded.

I agree that guys like Vox Day and others calling Trump a ‘god emperor’ is one of the more egregious departures from reality I have seen. I quote Scott Again, we’re seeing different movies. To Vox, Trump is an emperor. To myself and others, he’s just another politician. Regarding expectations, mine, too, were low, but Trump has not exceeded them. Yeah, the economy and stock market has done well, but how much of that can be attributed to Trump? Maybe some, but to say ‘all’ would–in order to be logically consistent–require giving equal credit to Obama for the economic expansion and bull market from 2009-2016. Rather, consumers and businesses deserve credit, and other various autonomous economic factors such as business and economic cycles. It also proves that the liberal media, as it typically is, was wrong in 2015-2017 about Trump being a disaster for the economy.