Lopsided IQ scores

Online on a handful of occasions I have heard people say they ave really high IQs (>140), but that they are ‘near retarded’ or impaired at one or more of the sub-intelligences, such as spacial intelligence. In a video, Dr. Peterson says he has an IQ in excess of 150 and a 99%+ verbal score,… Continue reading Lopsided IQ scores

Against ‘badness’

What does Slate Star Codex, Elon Musk/Tesla, Donald Trump, Sam Harris, Jordan Peterson, and libertarianism have in common? It’s not politics. Sam Harris and Donald Trump couldn’t be further apart ideologically and temperamentally. Same for Jordan Peterson fans, who reject the identity politics of The_Donald, but perhaps agree on other issues. The answer is, all… Continue reading Against ‘badness’

The pro-life left

Vox and Bill Gates are attacked by the Twitter mob for intimating that poverty in Africa may attributable to overpopulation: http://archive.is/z7iJn. But I thought the left is supposed to be pro-choice and against overpopulation? Judging by the comments, I guess ‘choice’ does not apply to Africa. As I wrote years ago, when the left talks… Continue reading The pro-life left

Politics and Crypto Update

Regarding U.S. politics, except for moderates/centrists, no one is happy, and both sides wish their respective parties could do more. The left wants gun control, to no avail. For the ‘right’, there won’t be any wall or other meaningful action to stem the inflow of immigrants. There is no sense of urgency among Political leaders… Continue reading Politics and Crypto Update

Khashoggi murder will Not stain America and Trump

Tooleb’s true, anti-Trump liberal colors are showing. Here’s another Tweet in which Taleb sides with the left, in this case the Washington Post: Yes. https://t.co/5goqmDylmu — Nassim Nicholas Taleb (@nntaleb) November 20, 2018 How many Americans know or care who Khashoggi is? Not that many. Come 2020, it will be an afterthought. Even among those… Continue reading Khashoggi murder will Not stain America and Trump

Higher level thinking

People hold up this guy up as some sort of paragon of genius, hut here is a tweet I pulled at random: We face 3 predators: The State, Near-State Institutions (e.g. academia, media) & Large Corporations. Large corps end up destroying themselves (life expec. <10 y in SP500).Others stick and grow. https://t.co/wqD76PwJv1 — Nassim Nicholas… Continue reading Higher level thinking