Alt coin trading strategy guide

As part of my 2018 resolution, there will be fewer posts about topical subjects, such as news, which tends to be repetitive and the outcome predictable or immatertial, and more about stuff that I find more interesting. It’s unlikely anyone buying Bitcoin today is going to get rich. Yes, some say Bitcoin will be worth… Continue reading Alt coin trading strategy guide

Tuning out of the news cycle

From Vox: On opioids, the White House keeps talking and planning — but not doing anything of significance Yeah, like a crisis that is decades in the making can be fixed in 2 months. Maybe Trump will get to it in 2018. Not exactly sure what that would entail, since undoing deep, long-standing structural and… Continue reading Tuning out of the news cycle

Empiricism , Time Preference, and Economics

Math and religion are framed by the left as being diametrically opposed, but both are attempts to explains things that do not readily yield themselves to the senses and immediate understanding and gratification. The third option, empiricism, is most closely linked with tribalism and primitivism and involves neither intellectualism nor religion, and seeks instant gratification.… Continue reading Empiricism , Time Preference, and Economics

2017: the year in review

2017 was an amazing year–if not surreal–in terms of stock market and Bitcoin gains. It was like every week making thousands doing nothing. As mentioned earlier, I expect the stock market to continue its surge in 2018, but am less optimistic about Bitcoin and other currencies, and that’s why I sold some Bitcoin two weeks… Continue reading 2017: the year in review

Nassim Tooleb Twitter: Best of

Many people turn to stand-up comedy for amusement. I read Nassim Taleb’s Twitter, which is an never-ending trainwreck of hilarity and stupidity: BITCOIN, 2 points: + Returns are not additive at high volatility: Something that is up 1000% then down 90% is net breaking even.+ Do not read accounts in papers about "causes". At high… Continue reading Nassim Tooleb Twitter: Best of

Predictions for 2018

Bitcoin & crypto currencies: have likely topped out. A $600 billion dollar market cap (Bitcoin + alt-coins) is just obscene, even for a someone such as myself who has been bullish on Bitcoin as early as 2013. A $300 billion market cap for Bitcoin is the size of a large tech company, which was the… Continue reading Predictions for 2018

The American Tradition of Waging Culture War

Waging culture war is an inescapable part of American history, as far back as the Civil War, arguably America’s first and by far bloodiest ‘culture war’ (I’m excluding the Revolutionary War, because America was still a part of Britain and most (but not all) colonists supported independence).The legacy of the Civil Rights Act, desegregation, integration… Continue reading The American Tradition of Waging Culture War

Bitcoin SHTF mode

Bitcoin getting clobbered…down 30% as of writing, making this the worst one-day decline in the history of its existence. Good thing I sold some in the $18k-19k range and warned people to be careful before buying, and not to subscribe to the dollar-is-doomed hype. As mentioned a week ago, Bitcoin does not solve any problem,… Continue reading Bitcoin SHTF mode