The Writing Boom

First, the grim statics of writing for publication, which I’m sure every author is aware of: The 10 Awful Truths About Book Publishing Thinking of Self-Publishing Your Book in 2013? Here’s What You Need to Know This passage stood out: 1. The number of books being published every year has exploded. Bowker reports that over… Continue reading The Writing Boom


Stulti Philosophiam Interesting article. A couple thoughts: I think some of us are being too choosy in rejecting too many people when our ‘movement/ideology/whatever’ is already pretty small to begin with. Bloggers who create YouTube videos and posts denouncing SJWs, are our ideological allies and like NRx many oppose leftist of ideals of egalitarianism and… Continue reading Moderates

NRx Ideology & Endgame, part 2

The recent dust-up over the ‘alt right’ has provoked some soul searching among the NRx community as to what, precisely, NRx means and or how a hypothetical NRx government should operate and ascend to power. Why I am not Neoreactionary more debate… First, the basics: we have the ‘alt right’, an umbrella term that encompasses… Continue reading NRx Ideology & Endgame, part 2


From WEST COAST REACTIONARIES: Consequence Time Centrists and milquetoasts, your era is over. Your question is, do you want a society of honest labor, god, and traditional European/American values? Or do you want a society of transsexual Africans forcing you to pay a white privilege tax? Embrace one of those two, or embrace actual, brutal… Continue reading Centrism

Trump skipping the debates: a smart move

The mainstream liberal and conservative media cannot fathom why Trump would want to skip the Iowa debate, but if Trump is smart he will continue to abstain from GOP debates. There is no ‘rule’ that says candidates must debate. But the main reason why candidates debate is not to pitch policy but merely for exposure.… Continue reading Trump skipping the debates: a smart move

Bernie the Brainiac?

From ILANA MERCER’s article Schooling Beck On Trump’s Nullification Promise, this passage about Bernie Sanders being a ‘brainiac’ stood out: …But face it; “tear down this wall, Mr. Gorbachev,” didn’t bring down the Soviet empire. Neither was Communist Russia crushed by Reagan’s exorbitant “Star Wars fantasy of space-based missile defense.” Rather, Communist Russia collapsed under… Continue reading Bernie the Brainiac?

Four Years Later, Taleb Still Holding Grudge Against Pinker

Grumpy, anti-HBD liberal Nicholas Nassim Taleb is still holding a grudge against Steven Pinker and Richard Dawkins – four years later! – after getting his butt handed to him in the ‘IQ wars’. Anyone who thinks @Dawkins or @sapinker are enlightening should NEVER read my books. Save your money. — NassimNicholasTaleb (@nntaleb) January 3,… Continue reading Four Years Later, Taleb Still Holding Grudge Against Pinker

The Daily View: Today in Stupid

A child genius explains how she can memorize a shuffled deck of cards in less than an hour That’s like saying ‘7-foot-tall basketball player shows how he dunks basketball’…gee I wonder if being tall/genius has anything to do with it?Geniuses are good at memorizing stuff, that’s what makes them geniuses, no shit, Sherlock. Mnemonic are… Continue reading The Daily View: Today in Stupid

Free Speech, Democracy, and Crime

From iSteve: Kinsley on the Advantage of a Written First Amendment European countries, obviously, do not have a statute protecting ‘free speech’. The result is people are occasionally apprehended (severty of punishments vary, from being detained for a few hours or days or, in exceptional cases, imprisoned for years) for communication deemed ‘incendiary’ or a… Continue reading Free Speech, Democracy, and Crime