Black Lives Commit More Crime

From Marginal Revolution Black Lives Matter As many have already noted in the comments, Tyler ignores how blacks also commit disproportionate more crimes than whites and are more likely to engage in deadly force against officers. Related: There is No Systemic ‘War on Blacks’ by Police From the comments: Do White Police Officers Unfairly Target… Continue reading Black Lives Commit More Crime

There is No Systemic ‘War on Blacks’ by Police

The evidence suggests blacks are responsible for most crime, which could explain why they are stopped and incarcerated at a higher rate than whites, as I explain in the post He Fit the Description: It’s incontrovertible…the data shows that blacks commit most of the crimes. The left wants stops in proportion to the population, not… Continue reading There is No Systemic ‘War on Blacks’ by Police

Free Speech, Democracy, and Crime

From iSteve: Kinsley on the Advantage of a Written First Amendment European countries, obviously, do not have a statute protecting ‘free speech’. The result is people are occasionally apprehended (severty of punishments vary, from being detained for a few hours or days or, in exceptional cases, imprisoned for years) for communication deemed ‘incendiary’ or a… Continue reading Free Speech, Democracy, and Crime

He Fit the Description

I fit the description…. A first-person account by Steve Locke, a black college professor, about being stopped and questioned by the police for a crime he didn’t commit, is going viral. The article has a racial angle, implying that white officers are deliberately singling out blacks just for sport or due to prejudice. Yes, it… Continue reading He Fit the Description

Trump’s ‘Racist’ Tweet

Trump’s ‘racist’ tweet is going viral: Everyone knows what Trump meant, which is that black-on-black crime is very high and that white-on-black crime is very low. Some have argued that the tweet was intentionally wrong in order to get the media and people talking about the real statistics, which are still pretty bad: Whites Killed… Continue reading Trump’s ‘Racist’ Tweet