More Tooleb Tweets, Again

Nasim Tooleb’s Twitter is always good for source material. Low rates produced air-like valuations, about 100 T worldwide. — Nassim Nicholas Taleb (@nntaleb) December 27, 2021 Except that the link between interest rates and asset class appreciation is weak, or at least not strong enough to say definitely that lower rates means higher prices.… Continue reading More Tooleb Tweets, Again

The Sucker Complex

THis article went masivly viral The Sucker Complex I think part of the problem is society needs villains to unify it behind a universally disliked target, but the villains we have are not evil enough, so we end up turning on each other. The Iraq war and the War on Terror, at least for a… Continue reading The Sucker Complex

Higher ed may be broken, but the alternatives/solutions are not that great either

Saw this post going viral Burn the Universities and Salt the Earth. As the title suggests, the author has a low opinion of universities and higher-ed in general. Gen Xers and Boomers need to understand that the Millennials have a right to be angry about their student loan debt. The Millennial generation was lied to… Continue reading Higher ed may be broken, but the alternatives/solutions are not that great either

The SAT and the Meritocracy

I saw this Freddie deBoer post going viral Why the Fuck Do You Trust Harvard? It was in their best interest to use the SAT before, so they used it. Now it’s in their best interest to have even more leeway to select the bumbling doofus children of the affluent, and you’re applauding them for… Continue reading The SAT and the Meritocracy

The only hedge against inflation is quality

What happened in November and December? The Turkish lira crashed: And so did Bitcoin: This was not supposed to happen. The narrative for the past year was that Bitcoin is supposed to be a hedge against uncertainty, hyperinflation, or that foreigners would buy bitcoin to preserve value against their crumbling currencies. Indeed, the currencies are… Continue reading The only hedge against inflation is quality

Taleb, The Mob, and Covid

Saw this Tooleb tweet in which Tooleb reveals he is a fan of ex-mobster Sammy “The Bull” Gravano’s podcast: This is a Greek Tragedy.Salvatore "The Bull" Gravano had to uccidere a man who knew how to die with dignity. [0-10m]Note: Consigliere pron. "gonzyer", Cosa Nostra "Gozinaustr'" [Old S. Italian w/a "c" similar to semitic Q,… Continue reading Taleb, The Mob, and Covid

Is abortion eugenic?

This is interesting. The NYTs unwittingly shows that abortion is eugenic: With the future of Roe v. Wade in the hands of the Supreme Court, we took a look at the current state of abortion in America. The abortion rate has fallen in recent decades, but the procedure is still common. Here’s what the typical… Continue reading Is abortion eugenic?

Debunking the ‘Inflation Tax’ Argument

I think way too much money is spent on programs of dubious efficacy or are just useless. But this does not mean we have to tolerate wrong/bad arguments against such spending either. A recent poll showed that 65% of Americans, presumably including many conservatives, support unconditional government remittances of $2,000/month. A common response is that… Continue reading Debunking the ‘Inflation Tax’ Argument

Leveraged ETFs vs. Bitcoin/Ethereum for FIRE, the winner is ETFs

A month ago as Bitcoin was crossing $65,000, I saw a major uptick of discussion on FIRE/investing communities about crypto. I think some people were hoping to actually retire off Bitcoin or Ethereum. I was saying to myself, “ain’t gonna happen.” Sure enough, Bitcoin has since fallen 35% in a month, and has done nothing… Continue reading Leveraged ETFs vs. Bitcoin/Ethereum for FIRE, the winner is ETFs