Theranos, Part 2

part 1 From iSteve (STEVE SAILER) Theranos: The Elizabeth Holmes Reality Distortion Field Another thing people have to realize about Theranos and other high-valued startups, these companies are funded by wealthy investors who are aware of the risks. They don’t need pundits lecturing them about the inherent risks of investing in hot startups. Everyone wants… Continue reading Theranos, Part 2

Giving Theranos the benefit of the doubt

From Social Matter Desperately Seeking Susan Jobs My opinion is somewhat different. Keep in mind, the women SJWs tend to promote have zero redeeming qualities – think Sandra Fluke, Sandra Bland, Mattress Girl. Elizabeth Holmes, along with her accomplices, created this company that seems successful (it’s herpes simplex 1 virus test received FDA clearance), even… Continue reading Giving Theranos the benefit of the doubt

The Big Short: Market Genius or Luck?

There are a lot of finance articles lately due to the hype over the film adaptation of Michael Lewis’ book The Big Short. Interview with Michael Burry, Real-Life Market Genius From The Big Short Is he a market genius or did he just get lucky? There is evidence of genius, in that between 2000-2008 Michael… Continue reading The Big Short: Market Genius or Luck?

High Frequency Nonsense

One Way to Unrig Stock Trading ( The alleged ‘dangers’ of algorithmic trading, including high frequency trading, is mostly hype by the doom and gloom liberal media. People and institutions lose money in the market because of bad timing and bad money management, not because of automated trading. Nowadays, most stocks, ETFs, and futures contracts… Continue reading High Frequency Nonsense

The Bailouts Benefited Everyone, Not Just Bankers

From NYT: Bernie Sanders: To Rein In Wall Street, Fix the Fed WALL STREET is still out of control. Seven years ago, the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department bailed out the largest financial institutions in this country because they were considered too big to fail. But almost every one is bigger today than it… Continue reading The Bailouts Benefited Everyone, Not Just Bankers

Wealth Inequality Not a Big Concern

‘Capitalism, Tradition and Traditionalism’ – An Overview . The Reactionary sees no problem with wealth inequality, which reflects differences of aptitude, however the people at large will be prone to complaints of wealth inequality if their entire world is centered around capital, that which they may be unsuccessful at accumulating. Marx himself said that communism… Continue reading Wealth Inequality Not a Big Concern

Fredrick Brennan on Eugenics

Hotwheels: Why I Support Eugenics Fredrick Brennan aka ‘hotwheels’, the creator of the popular imageboard 8chan and who is severely disabled due to brittle bone disease, uses himself as an example for why eugenics is a good idea for lowering healthcare costs and minimizing human suffering: As a society, most of us seem to agree… Continue reading Fredrick Brennan on Eugenics

Reactionary Realism

From Poseidon Awoke, NRx: Against Platonic Rationalism: I believe that the Dark Enlightenment is the realization that we are currently governed by pseudosciences, which were created out of the Enlightenment exuberance for the human ability to reason (rationalize). What the children of the Enlightenment did not understand was the limits of human cognition and the… Continue reading Reactionary Realism