Notes on Sterilization

The fact fertility rates are negativity correlated with IQ necessitates mandatory sterilization of individuals with IQs less than 80-90, in order to reverse dysgenic societal decay. Due to high time preference and other factors, Low-IQ people tend to be capricious and aggressive and exact a toll on society, even if they contribute in the short-run… Continue reading Notes on Sterilization

Implementation of HBD-based Policy

From Gwern on a Hacker News comment thread: I always regarded myself as being a left libertarian sort of type. My reaction to learning about individual differences being so profoundly driven by genetics – never mind racial differences – was simple: research and subsidize genetic engineering. For everyone. To the point of being free. Level… Continue reading Implementation of HBD-based Policy

The Daily View: 1/17/2016 (lots of stuff)

From Fred Reed: The Inevitability of Eugenics I predict within 50 years America will start giving Eugenics a serious consideration as a way to tackle the growing entitlement spending problem, which by then will be much bigger than it is now if trends persist. Liberals and conservative alike need to get over this squeamishness of… Continue reading The Daily View: 1/17/2016 (lots of stuff)

Fredrick Brennan on Eugenics

Hotwheels: Why I Support Eugenics Fredrick Brennan aka ‘hotwheels’, the creator of the popular imageboard 8chan and who is severely disabled due to brittle bone disease, uses himself as an example for why eugenics is a good idea for lowering healthcare costs and minimizing human suffering: As a society, most of us seem to agree… Continue reading Fredrick Brennan on Eugenics

Consider Contraception

From iSteve: The Economist: Free Contraception for Africa Would be a Great Investment This an example how HBD-based policy can help curb social problems, be it entitlement spending, overpopulation of at-risk groups, or crime. Republicans need to get over this belief that every unborn life is sacred or is worth saving and instead consider HBD-based… Continue reading Consider Contraception

Collapse can wait

From David Stockman: Why This Sucker Is Going Down…….Again! In a word, with a printing press. But what happened today is that Draghi showed he is out of tricks and Yellen confessed she is out of excuses. Yes, this sucker is going down. And this time all the misguided economics professors turned central bankers in… Continue reading Collapse can wait

2060 IQ Projections

Interesting new study: Future Cognitive Ability: US IQ Prediction until 2060 Based on NAEP From the abstract: …US Census Bureau, cognitive trends until 2060 for the entire age cohort and ethnic groups were estimated. Estimated population averages for 2060 are 103 (optimistic) or 102 (pessimistic). The average rise per decade is dec = 0.76 or… Continue reading 2060 IQ Projections

Eugenics Summary, and HBD-Based Policy

Concise summary of eugenics by polymath Martin Sewell. The most important passage: Herrnstein and Murray found that when they moved the average IQ down statistically by just 3 points, from 100 to 97, all social problems were exacerbated: the number of women chronically dependent on welfare increased by 7%; illegitimacy increased by 8%; men interviewed… Continue reading Eugenics Summary, and HBD-Based Policy

Effective Altruism Need Not Be Politically Correct

Maybe the form of altruism with the highest ROI isn’t one that is politically correct. The problem is when one side takes cheap shots the other, such as by invoking Godwin’s Law, as an easy substitute for having to actually provide a substantive counterargument. If my version of EA (effective altruism) is a high-IQ basic… Continue reading Effective Altruism Need Not Be Politically Correct

Nature Beats Nurture

An interesting post from Vox Nature beats nurture The “Blank Slate” theory is dead. It was never anything but political philosophy and science killed it. Every nominal justification for human equality is being gradually eliminated, one by one, as scientists revisit hypotheses that have long been passed off as pseudoscientific facts. This is true. The… Continue reading Nature Beats Nurture