Experts vs. Non-experts

Scott’s article the Epistemic Minor Leagues went viral. As a nitpick, I think a more accurate title would have been ‘intellectual minor leagues’. Epistemology is more concerned with how humans acquire knowledge or apply knowledge to justify their beliefs, as opposed to being a descriptor or quantifier of individual knowledge. He even calls it that… Continue reading Experts vs. Non-experts

Antitrust: Much Ado About Nothing Again

Antitrust has been in the news for years, with new headlines every month, yet Google stock keeps going up, suggesting that investors are not concerned. I dunno why people keep wasting their time with this. Wherever I see proposed/tentative antitrust action against Google, Facebook, or any other dominant tech company, there are always holes in… Continue reading Antitrust: Much Ado About Nothing Again

Did William Shatner Debunk the Obesity Health Crisis?

Are the health effects of obesity exaggerated? possibly I think much of what is considered ‘scientific truth/orthodoxy’ needs to be scrutinized better. The replication crisis for example has called into doubt many assumptions that were in the past taken for granted. As it turns out, things that should be self-evident or intuitively ‘obvious’ fail to… Continue reading Did William Shatner Debunk the Obesity Health Crisis?

More Taleb Tweets

I wonder if him constantly shilling Mathematica has anything to do with this. I wonder how much Taleb is being paid to constantly shill Mathematica. Wolfram, @stephen_wolfram, is the only real scientist I've ever met. Others are like easily detectable imitations of the original. — Nassim Nicholas Taleb (@nntaleb) October 18, 2021 So the… Continue reading More Taleb Tweets

Why Healthcare is So Expensive in America, Part 2

Part 1 At the individual level, it’s possible that Americans do not actually spend that much on healthcare relative to the rest of the world, even if America, collectively, spends the most on healthcare in terms of per-capita GDP. I saw this picture going viral on Reddit. This counters the left-wing narrative of healthcare un-affordability.… Continue reading Why Healthcare is So Expensive in America, Part 2

The Daily View 10/13/2021: Twitter Edition

Some people turn to stand-up comedy for entertainment. For me, Tooleb’s twitter is my go-to source. Academic careers have three stages.1) The love phase: you want to devote your life to learning2) The reputation phase: you discover the need to get established3) The status phase: you are trapped into a hostile rank-obsessed rent seeking machine… Continue reading The Daily View 10/13/2021: Twitter Edition

The National Suicide

I’m watching our National suicide which I am powerless to stop or even slow for reasons that I simply cannot fathom. Perhaps I’ve just outlived my time; I cannot recognize this world hell bent on madness and self harm to aid a communist superpower rival rising in the east. #NO — Eric Weinstein (@EricRWeinstein)… Continue reading The National Suicide