Why DJT will not meet a similar fate as past Trump companies

The stock price of Trump Media Group (DJT) keeps surging, defying predictions of its collapse. Trump’s companies have a history of failing, notably Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts which went public in 1995, but by 2004 filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and was delisted from the New York Stock Exchange. A lot of pundits are… Continue reading Why DJT will not meet a similar fate as past Trump companies

‘Acquired savant syndrome’ or ‘sudden genius’ probably does not exist

I saw this going viral: The Mystery of Sudden Genius, about a phenomenon in which otherwise ordinary people suddenly acquire savant or genius-like abilities later in life, usually following a traumatic injury or event: In these cases, an individual suddenly becomes a savant, demonstrating incredible talent in a specific domain—typically music, art, calendar calculating, mathematical… Continue reading ‘Acquired savant syndrome’ or ‘sudden genius’ probably does not exist

Trump Keeps Winning

Love or hate him, Trump has a knack for winning. I have never seen someone, except for maybe Mark Zuckerberg, who keeps consistently coming out on top no matter what is thrown at him. It’s like it initially seems like he’s in trouble, and then either nothing happens or he gets his way. The same… Continue reading Trump Keeps Winning

When the going gets tough, hit the delete button! (Reddit and social media commenting guide)

When the going gets tough, hit that delete button. People think that deleting downvoted comments is cowardly. I disagree: it’s cutting your losses. Why would the feature exist if you’re not allowed to use it? Downvotes have gotten worse. Compared to even as recently as 2 years ago, commenting is like crossing a tightrope of… Continue reading When the going gets tough, hit the delete button! (Reddit and social media commenting guide)

Peak Woke? Maybe

Interesting Twitter-essay by @tracewoodgrains, “Contra ‘Peak Woke’”: Contra "Peak Woke" The idea that we've passed "peak woke" has always seemed to me like a fundamental misunderstanding, born of focusing on moment-by-moment controversies rather than longer-term trends. Social justice progressivism has not peaked—it is simply coming into its own.… pic.twitter.com/h55RdueOHg — TracingWoodgrains (@tracewoodgrains) March 22, 2024… Continue reading Peak Woke? Maybe

How ‘DEI’ makes companies more impersonal

I saw this story going viral: Why Tech Job Interviews Became Such a Nightmare. Getting hired for tech jobs is more competitive and difficult than ever before, with job seekers having to clear increasingly high hurdles: John Moore, a technical curriculum developer and instructional designer, wrote in to say that it’s not just software engineers… Continue reading How ‘DEI’ makes companies more impersonal

The Daily View: 3/18/2024

Item #1: Apparently, I am "one of the good ones," as a right-leaning Black guy – but it is offensive I think it's cool this dude works for NASA. While we're Just Noticing Patterns, a remarkable number of the people who keep asking when minorities will stop caring about race, and… https://t.co/OGNqYlXYIs — Wilfred Reilly… Continue reading The Daily View: 3/18/2024

TikTok Ban Won’t Happen

House passes a bill that could lead to a TikTok ban if Chinese owner refuses to sell. House passage of the bill is only the first step. The Senate would also need to pass the measure for it to become law, and lawmakers in that chamber indicated it would undergo a thorough review. Senate Majority… Continue reading TikTok Ban Won’t Happen

‘Coachability’ does not refute IQ

I saw this going viral: “They think that intelligence is about noticing things that are relevant (detecting patterns); in a complex world, intelligence consists in ignoring things that are irrelevant (avoiding false patterns).”~ @nntaleb https://t.co/bJLxHLCYBS — Zhuo Xi (@birdxi1988) March 13, 2024 Under the timed conditions of an IQ test, eliminating false patterns or noise… Continue reading ‘Coachability’ does not refute IQ