The Daily View: 3/18/2024

Item #1:

Way to dial up the virtue signaling, Mr. Wilfred ‘Brando’ Reilly:

She is right. The only reason this went massively viral is because of his race and hairstyle. It’s not ‘racist’–a word that is thrown around all too casually to silence or shame someone into submission without having to actually addresses the accused’s argument–to observe this. Sure, maybe it makes such individuals biased or judgmental, but not a literal racist as Brando claims. No one is disrespecting him, only pointing that out of the thousands of people who work for NASA, why him? The point is, had this been a white guy no one would have cared. Which I don’t think is even that controversial of a statement or observation.

Moreover, Tyrone Jacobs Jr. is not a NASA employee, as many mistakenly assume. According to an article about him in a local paper, he’s a 29-year-old contractor for NASA and a motivational speaker–but not a NASA employee.

Item #2: Russia is not actually a very nice place to live

Compared to most of the developed world, American cities are run-down, dirty, and dangerous, with worse public transit systems and higher crime rates. Singapore has a murder rate of 0.1 per 100,000 people; New York City, America’s safest big city, has a murder rate of 4.8, over

I wonder why? Noah comes as close to identifying the cause as his career and reputation allows him to. The rest is about reading in-between the lines. Also, no one who wants to move to Russia does so for the safety anyway.

Item #3:

I think the difference is that the Right’s explanation is more likely the correct one regardless of personal envy.

Item #4:

It’s not nearly as bad as he makes it out to be. Assuming $200k debt for medical school, which is typical, for a 10 year loans works out to $24,000/year. This is a lot, yes, but dwarfed by huge salary, $250-300k. And competition is low for hospitals, so little time is wasted job hunting. It’s basic math: When you run the numbers, even under the most pessimistic of assumptions, it’s impossible to not make a lot of money as a doctor.