Nassim Taleb is Possibly Wrong about Wealth and IQ

Taleb is going on again about how there is no statistical correlation between wealth and IQ: Here we go again. The replication crisis is now hitting IQstudies…Used the same approach as I did with fakescholar @sapinker, under recommendation by @yaneerbaryam: first use THEIR own data, then proceed to uncovering theoretical flaws. — Nassim Nicholas… Continue reading Nassim Taleb is Possibly Wrong about Wealth and IQ

The Trump Stalemate

It’s noteworthy how little variance there is in Trump’s approval rating, which is in the tightest range of any U.S. president since tracking began, as far back as Truman. This becomes even more obvious when one overlays Trump’s approval rating with that of past presidents. This is indicative of many things: a political climate that… Continue reading The Trump Stalemate

No recession soon

Ross Douthat is at it again, predicting a recession that will cost Trump his reelection. If there is one thing I have learned over the past three year or so, media narratives are almost always wrong. For example: the narrative in early to mid-2018 was that the Trump tariffs would hurt the economy and boost… Continue reading No recession soon

Joe Rogan’s Huge Popularity

In a massively viral article, The Atlantic ponders why Joe Rogan is so popular. A common misconception is that Rogan’s listenership is right-wing and pro-Trump, but it’s not necessarily left-wing or right-wing, but rather appeals to what can be described as a sort of secular, fatalistic nihilistic morality among a lot of young people today… Continue reading Joe Rogan’s Huge Popularity

More Nasssim Taleb lies

A few days ago he re-tweeted yet another Tulsi tweet: This is definitive proof that Taleb is a social justice warrior, which I have suspected for years. This is not 4-d chess, nor is he doing this ironically, but rather this is an unequivocal endorsement of the left. Taleb likely never supported Trump in 2015-2017,… Continue reading More Nasssim Taleb lies

The ’90s and now, part 14

But also, unlike in the ’90s, there are many more ways to make money in spite of supposed economic hardship, such as in the stock market and option trading [as the huge popularity of /r/wallstreetbets shows, where 20 and 30-year-olds frequently make (and also lose) huge sums of money], crypto currency, live-streaming on YouTube or… Continue reading The ’90s and now, part 14