Left-wing reaction

The tweet below struck me as neo-reactionary, as an indictment of America’s puritan cultural bedrock, despite being composed by someone who is otherwise left-wing: Americans will never, ever lose their hunger and thirst for tattling on each other and getting one another fired. It worked for the Puritans and it works for us. Good for… Continue reading Left-wing reaction

IQ and wealth, continued

Some people get annoyed by the idea that wealth and IQ are strongly linked. They say “look at all those smart people who are not rich!” At the low-end of IQ, such as around 80-95, people have fewer career choices, and the correlation between wealth and IQ is stronger. Someone with a high IQ can… Continue reading IQ and wealth, continued

Update on Trump Wall

With $2.5 billion in military funding appropriated for the wall, we have an update on progress, exclusive from Drudge Report: Jarred Talyor is right Vox said 6 months ago “Trump would deliver” and to “trust the plan” and to “give him 48 hours” I could have told ya’ll there was no plan and nothing would… Continue reading Update on Trump Wall

Taleb is a liberal, continued

If it’s not already obvious enough that Nassim Taleb is a liberal, he re-tweeted this: One can argue that a retweet is not an endorsement, but if that were true, Taleb would have added commentary. I guess we know who he’s voting for. It also shows that Tooleb never supported Trump either in 2015-2017, but… Continue reading Taleb is a liberal, continued

Taleb’s latest twitter meltdown

Uh oh, it looks like Tooleb is having another fit on Twitter about those ‘race Nazis’ again: Is @clairlemon still denying that her Quillete project is into a neo-Nazi "scientific" racism ("race realism") agenda? — Nassim Nicholas Taleb (@nntaleb) July 29, 2019 In the Twitter comments, the overwhelming majority disagree with Taleb and his libeling… Continue reading Taleb’s latest twitter meltdown