Why bitcoin is so volatile

In order to sell Bitcoins in bulk, one must transfer them to exchange, but this incurs a major risk for the seller, namely that the exchange may be hacked and the bitcoins lost forever. Also there isn’t much liquidity on the exchanges, and in fact much less liquidity than meets the eye, which I will… Continue reading Why bitcoin is so volatile

The media/pundit narrative is almost always wrong, and why

A good heuristic is, the media/pundit narrative is almost always wrong. They said: –Trump cannot win –Trump will doom stock market & economy –Trump cutting off trade deals will hurt economy –Trump will hurt foreign relations –The bull market hinges on Trump passing tax cuts, and if he fails the market will crash –The economy… Continue reading The media/pundit narrative is almost always wrong, and why

Why Trump is Waffling on Immigration

Now Derb is hinting at taking the ‘black pill’: Two Weeks to the Big Cuck? I’m a pessimist, so I don’t think the omens there are particularly good. Trump has expressed sympathy for the DACA illegals, and seems unenthusiastic about following through on his campaign promises on border security and birthright citizenship. A Big Cuck—Amnesty… Continue reading Why Trump is Waffling on Immigration

Two paths to success

Most success guides are useless or fluff. I hope this post departs from that trend. You don’t need 35 rules to become successful. I boiled it down to two options: 1. Take risks 2. Become extremely competent #1 Includes investing, such as stocks, Bitcoin, or real estate, but also entrepreneurship. I don’t like entrepreneurship, because… Continue reading Two paths to success

What to be thankful for: not smoking

pretty depressing stuff http://whyquit.com/whyquit/Memorial_2.html 140,000 Americans die every year from lung cancer, although 10% of lung cancer patients have no history of smoking. One thing that makes lung cancer unique and also so lethal compared to other cancers is how quickly the victim wastes away. In the case of late-stage lung cancer, for many people… Continue reading What to be thankful for: not smoking

Leninism, part 2

In Biological Leninism, in response to Spandrell’s eponymously titled epic post, I end by arguing that revolution is unlikely: This probably explains why there won’t be revolution/revolt in America, because although there is a lot of wealth inequality and dissatisfaction with the status quo, basic economic needs are still being met. But the point is,… Continue reading Leninism, part 2

Biological Leninism

Every once in awhile someone writes something that is so amazing it makes you question your own abilities and perspective of the world. Biological Leninism, by Bloody Shovel, is one such example. Here are some pertinent passages: Socialism works not only because it promises higher status to a lot of people. Socialism is catnip because… Continue reading Biological Leninism