notes: The Successor to the United States of America

Nick B. doesn’t write much, but when he does it’s insightful. In a comment, he writes how NRx rises to power:

As for efficacy. Well… let’s get the truth first, then build some institutions to defend it and those who speak it. The Restoration depends not on popular support, at least as that is ordinarily thought of. The Restoration will occur when (and only when) elite defections to its side cascade toward it. For that to happen, we have to have a replacement system (governance, security, ideology, enforcement, status) on offer. That’s where the work is. If you get that, you’ll eventually get popular.

The ‘replacement system’ is already underway–it’s Silicon Valley techno-commercialism, although it’s not of our own choosing, and it may not be popular. This is the ‘second cathedral’ as discussed in the post SJW/liberal Cathedral vs. Tehnocommercialism Cathedral, that is gradually overpowering the cathedral that left-wing government, media, culture, and universities. Trends such as the decline of Hollywood and ‘big box’ retail and the rise of Amazon, Silicon Valley, Facebook, Bitcoin, etc., is evidence of this trend.