Repost: Are Things Really That Bad For Millennials

The post The Vampire Society by Vox Day went viral. It seems everyone hates the boomers; even boomers hate themselves. Boomers are blamed, by conservatives and liberals alike, for everything that is wrong with society. They are accused of being narcissistic and materialistic and being poor parents who outsourced their parenting duties to daycare so… Continue reading Repost: Are Things Really That Bad For Millennials

Random Thoughts April 4th

A question I have pondered is, how does one come up with interesting insights/thoughts? I would suspect there is a reading involved and also necessary to gauge the interests of the prospective audience, but what makes something ‘click? or viral” From what I have observed, content that is introspective and personal that tells the author’s… Continue reading Random Thoughts April 4th

Pre-Employment IQ Testing is Very Common

It is a common misconception online that pre-employment IQ testing is proscribed due to Griggs vs. Duke. This is false, as I epxlain in more detial here. AFIK, no employer administers an actual IQ test, such as the Stanford-Binet or Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale tests, as those are expensive and time-consuming to administer and typically must… Continue reading Pre-Employment IQ Testing is Very Common

Taleb Gets Called Out for Spreading BS Again

Scott calls out Taleb’s claim in Antifragile that “before the thirteenth century no more than five persons in the whole of Europe knew how to perform a division,” linking to a related Stack Exchange discussion from 8 years ago, which soundly debunks Taleb’s claim as “an outright misrepresentation of history.” Antifragile, published in 2012, is… Continue reading Taleb Gets Called Out for Spreading BS Again

The Covid Stimulus Inflation Debate, Continued

With 127 million $1,400 checks having been disbursed, pundits are predictably debating, yet again, about inflation. Will the checks be inflationary? My answer, again, is an empathic ‘no’. Similar to the first and second round of Covid stimulus payments, CPI will not budge much, if any. the US dollar will not fall, and treasury yields… Continue reading The Covid Stimulus Inflation Debate, Continued

Paul Graham on Writing: What Went Wrong

Paul Graham essays are usually highly acclaimed. But his latest, “Write Simply,” ( got a lot of criticism in the comments compared to the typical column. So what went wrong. There are several problems: Some readers noted in the comments that using only simple, short words and short sentences can come across as jarring by… Continue reading Paul Graham on Writing: What Went Wrong

More theories of liberalism

Expounding on my earlier post Likening social justice to a religion, although by now hardly an original observation, is uncanningly accurate. Social justice has many of the same attributes of an organized religion, as it provides its adherents a sense of belonging, purpose, and an outgroup to oppose and to give the religion justification… Continue reading More theories of liberalism

The NEET-demic

Why is the left so concerned about NEETs? For liberalism to work requires that people submit to the system, such as by attending diversity training at work, by being indoctrinated at school, and by pledging one’s allegiance to the ‘state religion’ that is social justice. NEETs, by dropping out of society, refuse to have any… Continue reading The NEET-demic