The Trump Defection, Part 1

In a major reversal, Lion endorses Biden. Although Lion had long criticized Trump’s response to Covid, I was not expecting him to defect to Biden (and as some individuals in the comments note, a vote for Biden may effectively be a vote for his VP, who is way worse than Biden). In 2016-2018, Lion was… Continue reading The Trump Defection, Part 1

Mediocrity, Success, and the Problem of Democracy

The article Being OK with not being extraordinary went massively viral. It is a statistical certainty most people will be condemned to mediocrity. That is why such posts go viral, because there is huge demand about how to cope with ‘being average’ or only ‘good enough’ in an economy and society that increasingly is dominated… Continue reading Mediocrity, Success, and the Problem of Democracy

He’s Right…No Post-America Era

We live in a hyper-American era. “America” dominates the world financial system, language, culture, media… And there’s no legitimate contender. Yes, “America” has moved beyond the American people that emerged in the mid-20th century—but that was always part of the plan. — Richard Spencer (@RichardBSpencer) August 22, 2020 I agree 100% with Spence here.… Continue reading He’s Right…No Post-America Era

Putting the protests, unrest, and riots in perspective

I’m sure by now most have seen the footage of Portland BLM protesters dragging a white male out his truck, and then one of the protesters kicking him unconscious after he was already sitting helplessly on the ground. It’s awful to watch…such callous disregard for human life and civility is something you would expect to… Continue reading Putting the protests, unrest, and riots in perspective

Another one gone

Bill Mitchel permanency banned from Twitter for defying the new state and corporate-sponsored religion, maskism. Conservative pundit Bill Mitchell has been permanently suspended from Twitter, the social media platform confirmed to The Hill on Saturday.   “[Mitchell] has been permanently suspended for violating the Twitter Rules by using one account to evade the suspension of… Continue reading Another one gone

Understanding the debt situation

Due to Covid, the national debt has swelled to levels never before seen, at $26 trillion, and debt to GDP also made new highs, surpassing the highs of WW2: People are wondering, “Is this sustainable?” “Will income taxes have to rise?” “Will there be hyperinflation?”” Will the dollar collapse?” In short: yes, no, no, and… Continue reading Understanding the debt situation

The post-Covid social and economic landscape of America

The three major stories of the second-half of 2020 are: BLM protesters and the apparent inability/unwillingness of anyone in charge to do anything to stop the unrest. Every few weeks or so, there is new rioting and looting. This has become the ‘new normal’ in post-covid America, in which there is so much capital due… Continue reading The post-Covid social and economic landscape of America