Another one gone

Bill Mitchel permanency banned from Twitter for defying the new state and corporate-sponsored religion, maskism.

Conservative pundit Bill Mitchell has been permanently suspended from Twitter, the social media platform confirmed to The Hill on Saturday.


“[Mitchell] has been permanently suspended for violating the Twitter Rules by using one account to evade the suspension of another account,” a Twitter spokesperson said in an email.


Mitchell confirmed the suspension in a post on the social media app Parler, though he asserted he was booted from Twitter over his stance on wearing a mask amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Of course, what constitutes ‘misinformation’ and hat speech is selectively enforced:

Twitter has cracked down on misinformation and hate speech in recent months, booting a number of figures from the platform while also flagging several tweets from Trump, drawing ire from the president and Republicans.

There is no scientific consensus if masks are effective enough to justify them being mandatory for asymptomatic people, and even if they are effective, does not wearing a mask constitute a threat to public safety? You can argue it does, but then do do many other things that are legal, such as driving (which kills about 5,700 pedestrians per year in the US). There is also no consensus about how any lives masks save. As everyone knows, Facci backtracked on masks, so even the supposed experts do not know. Regardless, it is evident Twitter is not messing around, and any dissent about masks or Covid that goes against the prevailing orthodoxy of this new religion, will not be tolerated.

In May, Trump signed an executive order that targets the protections given to social media platforms through Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act.

Awesome! My guess the likelihood of Bill and others getting their accounts back, and or the likelihood of Twitter changing its policies because of this, are about 0-0%, give or take 0. So that is something to look forward to.

At this point, there is little reason for anyone in a prominent position of power and influence to outwardly support Trump of conservative policies. Either keep your opinions to yourself or pretend to supprot Biden. IF you get fired, assaulted at a public event, or lose your social media accounts, no one on the establishment-right has your back. It’s like “tough shit, kid.” One of Trump’s most loyal water carries just got banned, and no mention by Trump on Twitter about it, not that it would do anything in regard to getting his account reinstated, but it would have still been a nice gesture of support. It is not like Trump has to fear being banned by Twitter (Twitter has made it abundantly clear on many occasions that Trump is exempt from the TOS, for the ‘public good’).