Answering and Addressing Covid-related Economic Questions and Concerns

Browsing various message boards and communities, such as on Reddit and Hacker News, several common questions and concerns keep coming up regarding Covid stimulus, inflation, etc. I will try to address some of these topics. Will there be hyperinflation due to Covid stimulus? Why hasn’t there been much inflation? In spite of trillions of dollars… Continue reading Answering and Addressing Covid-related Economic Questions and Concerns

Election Fraud, Unrest, and the Legacy of Trump

Saw this from Moldbug Vae victis   Over the past few weeks I have been seeing this narrative by the dissident/alt-right (but also some on the left, too) that the widespread belief among Trump voters of election fraud is societally destabilizing and poses systemic risks.  I take the opposite stance that it is not destabilizing.… Continue reading Election Fraud, Unrest, and the Legacy of Trump

No collapse of America, yet

A narrative I have been hearing from Ramz and others on the dissident/alt-right is that America is sinking, in the final stages of dying, is primed for civil war, etc. Bill Gates Paul put out this video in which he wants bigger stimulus than the $600 because he believes that America is dying and he… Continue reading No collapse of America, yet

Grading Trump

Bill Gates Paul grades Trump’s presidency, giving him an abysmal 1.5 grade point average: The video got 70 down-votes and 300 up-votes (20% down-votes), so evidently a lot of viewers took issue with Gates’ assessment of Trump’s presidency. Gates makes some good points, and I overall agree, but his grading metric/rubric is faulty, and I… Continue reading Grading Trump

The Coding Bootcamp Scam

I came across this interesting discussion and scathing Reddit review of the Lambda coding bootcamp. The above links affirm what I have long suspected, which is that coding bootcamps are a soft form of a scam. I am not alone: a Google search shows a similar conclusion, that coding bootcamps, although they initially held promise… Continue reading The Coding Bootcamp Scam

Population: It’s quality that matters, not quantity

From Quillette The End of the World as We Know It? The gist of this article is that the world needs more people to stave off crisis of innovation, and that arguments against overpopulation and economic destruction due to too many humans, are unfounded. I have seen similar arguments made by, generally, neoliberals, who argue… Continue reading Population: It’s quality that matters, not quantity

Bitcoin: It Still Sucks

Now Josh Brown, aka the Reformed Butthead, is hyping Bitcoin after it has already doubled. As usual, Josh is late to the party. And if his past predictions are any indication, this is a top for Bitcoin and it will probably fall to $7k or lower soon. In fact Bitcoin has already fallen from a… Continue reading Bitcoin: It Still Sucks