The Poverty Plan

Grover Norquist is right about the need for lower taxes for the rich, more high-tech immigration, and less entitlement spending. Grover Norquist gets 70,000 signatures on no-tax pledge at Burning Man in exchange for one joint. Burning Man is where the educated and well connected go to petition for lower taxes and less regulation, with… Continue reading The Poverty Plan

The News Cycle and Why Social Networking Threatens the Liberal Media

We’re still in an insufferably slow news cycle, with the biggest stories of the past year being Russia invading Crimea, which occurred six months ago, and America narrowly avoiding default on its debt back on October 2013. Ukraine and Isis, while important, are ongoing and aren’t the kind of breaking news that holds the country… Continue reading The News Cycle and Why Social Networking Threatens the Liberal Media

Another Correct Prediction

It’s time for a humble brag to remind myself and maybe the one or two people who read this blog how good I am at predicting stuff. For months, I had been writing that Snapchat is worth at least $10 billion and sure enough: Snapchat Valued at $10 Billion Most people are clouded by a… Continue reading Another Correct Prediction


America at the national level never was, never has been and never will be a direct democracy. Even propositions are often overturned by judges. America is a republic in that people vote for electors to represent their wants and needs, who then in turn represent and serve the elite, which is actually how things should… Continue reading Anti-Democracy

The indefatigability of the ‘unparticipatory’ economic boom

To understand why our economy is so strong, we need to better understand how the modern American economy works. Thanks to the liberal media talking points and an ignorance of modern economics, many people assume a fast growing GDP and robust job creation are the necessary conditions of a strong economy, but this isn’t necessarily… Continue reading The indefatigability of the ‘unparticipatory’ economic boom

Conservative Minimalism

The ice bucket challenge is perhaps the best argument yet against democracy. Just think some of these people can vote and may even be driving. A person who partakes in the ice bucket challenge probably has the mental impairment of someone who is intoxicated or on drugs, except it’s permanent. As stocks keep going up… Continue reading Conservative Minimalism

Another Record High For Stocks

In yet another setback for the crisis-seeing left, stocks close at another record high. All this media fuss over ISIS, Iraq, and Ukraine has absolutely no impact on S&P 500 profits & earnings which is why Wall St. is ignoring it. Just noise that investors should tune-out. Google and Facebook don’t care. Whatever happens in… Continue reading Another Record High For Stocks

Why We Need More Testing

This story about kindergarten testing went viral. Not surprisingly, there were many anti-testing comments, especially on the more liberal leaning sites. In the smartist era and in the meritocracy, we need more testing , not less, to help help identify gifted and slow students. Whether it’s an IQ test or a proxy such as the… Continue reading Why We Need More Testing

The Daily View: Abortion Debate, Economic Recovery, Political Dysfunction, American Exceptionalism

I have a 6th sense. Out of a list of hundreds of articles, I can tell you, with great accuracy, which ones will go viral. It comes from years of experience blogging and posting on websites. Many people have no clue what other people want to read. The quadrantsphere (education, race, economics and IQ) has… Continue reading The Daily View: Abortion Debate, Economic Recovery, Political Dysfunction, American Exceptionalism

The Abortion Plan

Surprised the HBD blogosphere has not picked up on this Richard Dawkins’ Abortion Comment Sparks ‘Feeding Frenzy’ On Social Media Liberals are attacking Richard Dawkins for merely stating what many already already know to be true: people with Down’s Syndrome (or any profound disability) are a drain on society, and perhaps the most moral and… Continue reading The Abortion Plan