The Abortion Plan

Surprised the HBD blogosphere has not picked up on this Richard Dawkins’ Abortion Comment Sparks ‘Feeding Frenzy’ On Social Media

Liberals are attacking Richard Dawkins for merely stating what many already already know to be true: people with Down’s Syndrome (or any profound disability) are a drain on society, and perhaps the most moral and cost-efficient thing to do is ‘abort and try again’, in Dawkin’s own words. America has an entitlement spending problem, and our economy and society would be better with more people that contribute a net positive than individuals who drain public resources. This is only controversial because many people choose to think with their heart instead of their brain.

We (Grey Enlightenment) propose a plan to reduce entitlement spending, which is to require all pregnant women below a certain income threshold to undergo screening within the first trimester for conditions such as Downs Syndrome and other mutations that would severely compromise cognitive functioning and create burden for tax payers. Such fetuses would be aborted and the abortee would be given some remittance for cooperating with the program. Those who have the financial means to care for the disabled child would have the option set aside enough money before pregnancy for lifetime care, so they are paying for it, not tax payers.

To quote the super-smart, pragmatic, republican-libertarian and economist Aaron Clarey, ‘not all lives are precious.’

Pragmatic conservatism, utilitarianism, mixed libertarianism *, and neoliberalism are among the fastest growing political movements, because it proponents use logic and reason to construct policy that has a high return on investment and maximum utility, rather than illogical partisan orthodoxy that creates waste. This appeals to the smartest generation who are tired of the bullshit from the two-party establishment, the media, and pseudo intellectuals.

* Mixed libertarianism combines free markets with intervention such as bailouts for too big to fail and limited crony capitalism, along with the federal reserve. Profits should always be privatized with some losses socialized for too big to fail. This is in contrast to pure libertarians that oppose the fed and or any form of market intervention.