Is the ‘Dark Enlightenment’ Already Here?

The Grey Enlightenment is a moderate, optimistic offshoot of the ‘Dark Enlightenment’. The differences are explained here. The Grey Enlightenment can be described as neoconservatism and minarchism meets social Darwinism and HBD. It appropriates ideas of supply side economics, monetarism, and free market capitalism with biological determinism and eugenics. The ‘Dark Enlightenment’, also known as… Continue reading Is the ‘Dark Enlightenment’ Already Here?

Biological Determinism Bull Market Rages On

Stocks keep going up, as the economy is fundamentally sound and biological determinism means that those who are cognitively unfit to participate in the post-2008 wealth creation boom have to watch from the sidelines, clinging to their erroneous beliefs that the economy is weak and the market is rigged. This belief gives the left false… Continue reading Biological Determinism Bull Market Rages On

Free Backtesting Website

A couple weeks ago came across this free cloud based backtesting service, Here’s a sample code of a portfolio which I’m running that is long 60% QQQ (large cap US tech), short 30% foreign markets and short 10% small caps: def initialize(context): set_symbol_lookup_date(‘2010-1-1’) context.stocks = symbols(‘qqq’, ‘veu’, ‘iwm’, ‘eem’, ‘iwm’) def handle_data(context, data): #… Continue reading Free Backtesting Website

Neil deGrasse Tyson and Philosophy

The left, including affirmative action’s own astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, dismisses philosophy as useless. In my post of most and least respected majors, I list philosophy as being useful, along with STEM. On the surface, philosophy may seem useless, or at least devoid of any practical applications. You cannot build a bridge with philosophy, nor… Continue reading Neil deGrasse Tyson and Philosophy

Facebook Stock is Going Higher

As Facebook stock makes another record high (in agreement with my predictions) Facebook is now a $200 billion company, on its way to being worth a trillion by the end of the decade. The left, including the Robert Shiller, sees everything as a bubble or crisis waiting to happen, such as comparing Facebook to Myspace,… Continue reading Facebook Stock is Going Higher