Most and Least Respected Majors

IQ is more important than ever, says experts. It seems like STEM and the people who major in it are more important than everyone or anything else. It’s like, ‘You are an engineer? You know physics and can code? Let me kiss your ass.’ I’m not being sarcastic.

Now couldn’t be a better time to be above average, to be smart, to be an economist and to be rich. Programmers, science and scientists are more important than ever.

Stocks will keep going up. People getting richer and smarter than ever.

Besides fundamentals, high-IQ is what is keeping the stock market up. Every time it falls, people remind themselves that America is exceptional, the economy is fundamentally sound, and that we’re in an intellectual Renaissance, and hence buy the dips. For the stock market to go down and stay down, it would require that IQ become less important. As Obama’s approval rating continues to slide, the S&P will surge to 2500 next year in anticipation of complete republican control of all three branches of government and the pro-growth policy that will follow. The anti-intellectual, recession-seeking left wishes there would be a financial crisis so the rich and smart lose money and become less relevant; not gonna happen, sorry liberal chumps. They, the left, want Facebook and Snapchat and Silicon Valley real estate to go down, but prices and valuations will rise forever (or at least for many years to come).

The trading floor, Silicon Valley, Caltech, Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder, the Ivy League, the hard public schools, Reddit,, 4chan, and MIT are enclaves of sanity, empiricism, and reality in a world gone mad with political correctness, rejection of biological truisms, and leftist class warfare.

To be an expert, especially in a STEM field, which includes finance and economics, is to be a very important, revered person in the post-2008 era. The same goes for having student loan debt in STEM, or other major deemed useful by the smartest generation. African American studies is an example of a useless major, according to the smartest society that is America. Being rich means you’re very important, but only if the wealth is not spent on lavish amenities. The faux pauper hedge fund manager who wears sandals and dislikes suits is a hero to the smartest generation.

Most respected majors: (completing one of these will make you a god among the smarties and is a ticket to respect, authority, and riches)

Quantitative Finance
Theoretical Physics
Mathematics (the more obscure and difficult, the better)
Computer Science

Respected majors:

Non-theoretical Physics
Mathematics (up to around Abstract Algebra)
trades such as Law, Medicine, Accounting


________ studies (Black, Gender, etc)
Child development
…pretty much anything with a liberal bias (most humanities), commercialized (MBAs), or niche (Degree in Product Development or Degree in Search Engine Marketing)