The Asymmetry of Activism vs. Content Creation

I saw this article by Moldbug Letter to a young “white supremacist” Moldbug sorta seems like a right-wing version of Fredrik deBoer in that they both make the same sort of argument against performative activism. I fully understand the Moldbug incrementalism approach. The problem is, it’s not going to work for people who have high… Continue reading The Asymmetry of Activism vs. Content Creation

Elon Musk Scandal

It came to light yesterday that Elon Musk may have made unwanted sexual advances against a flight attendant on his private jet in 2016. Elon and Space-x paid her $250,000 to bury the matter. It’s probably fake news or greatly embellished. Who knows. It does not matter. I predict this will not hurt Elon’s brand… Continue reading Elon Musk Scandal

IQ and Life Expectancy

I saw this going viral Why do those with higher IQs live longer? A new study points to answers Among the thousands of people studied, those in the top 10 percent of childhood intelligence were two-thirds less likely to have died from respiratory disease by age 79 than people in the bottom 10 percent. They… Continue reading IQ and Life Expectancy

That tweet aged poorly

Another correct prediction: MicroStrategy (MSTR) has officially given up all its BTC gains: The reason why MSTR is lower despite Bitcoin still being at $29k is because from 2020-2022 Saylor took on billions of debt to buy Bitcoin at an average price of $32k, so he’s underwater by 10% as of writing this. But it’s… Continue reading That tweet aged poorly

Pushing Back Against the anti-College Movement, some thoughts

I saw these two articles going viral: College Became the Default. Let’s Rethink That., by John McWhorter, and College Was the Biggest Mistake of My Life, by Jamie Paul. McWhorter’s criticism is more nuanced, but yet again, we see another well-educated individual who parlayed his prestigious degree into a good-paying, high status career who now… Continue reading Pushing Back Against the anti-College Movement, some thoughts