Bullshit Jobs, Part 2

Scott’s article BULLS**T JOBS (PART 1 OF ∞) went massively viral. It seems like every week I see a new article about the ‘bullshit jobs’ phenomenon, and these articles all seem to go viral. Everyone wants to know why so many man hours are wasted doing seemingly pointless work. A distinction should be made between… Continue reading Bullshit Jobs, Part 2

Why we’re not happy

Why Prosperity Has Increased but Happiness Has Not In a poor country with low inequality, rising national income should make people happier, and of course reducing poverty is a good in and of itself. But in a wealthy, unequal country like today’s America, gains in national income can decouple from well-being. Part of the problem… Continue reading Why we’re not happy

Short-sellers wrong about Tesla

This Unz Review article went viral a few months ago Thorfinnsson’s Take on Tesla A typical akarlin post gets 12-30 comments, but this one got over 200, indicating considerable interest in Tesla. Tesla is one of the most closely scrutinized companies in existence. It’s not so much about Tesla as a company, but also its… Continue reading Short-sellers wrong about Tesla

Milo on McCain

Milo’s take on John McCain IS IT OKAY TO BE GLAD WHEN A VINDICTIVE OLD BASTARD DIES? Not that Trump much cared about the social slight, obviously. I expect he was relieved. And I think the President was right to resist the release of what I’m sure was a long, gushing tribute to McCain that… Continue reading Milo on McCain

When is the next recession? Not for a long time

With the post-2009 bull market and economic expansion officially [1] the longest ever, everyone wants to know how long it will continue. Yet again I was right, in 2014–when the blog was launched–correctly predicting a continuation of the bull market and expansion, then only in its 5th year, and now its 9th. It’s amazing yet… Continue reading When is the next recession? Not for a long time

Charles Murray: How Today’s Elites are a Failed Product of the 60s Counterculture

tldw: elites live in a bubble I disagree with Dr. Murray’s negative assessment of the future of America. In spite of the delamination–culturally and economically–of the elites from everyone else, and increased moral decay, in terms of strong stock market performance, strong dollar, low Treasury bond yields, strong GDP growth, strengthening US-foreign and economic dominance… Continue reading Charles Murray: How Today’s Elites are a Failed Product of the 60s Counterculture

Trump and social media censorship

These tweets by now are sorta old, but Trump addresses social media censorship: Social Media is totally discriminating against Republican/Conservative voices. Speaking loudly and clearly for the Trump Administration, we won’t let that happen. They are closing down the opinions of many people on the RIGHT, while at the same time doing nothing to others…….… Continue reading Trump and social media censorship

Cohen investigation: analysis

As everyone knows, Cohen and Manafort were convicted. Michael Cohen Says Trump Ordered Him To Illegally Interfere In Election Political storm around Trump leads to ‘talk of impeachment’ — but it’s not likely Cohen implicated Trump in campaign finance crimes — but did not name him directly. Here’s why Does this means I was wrong… Continue reading Cohen investigation: analysis