Venezuela’s Collapse: Questioning the Media Narrative

I’m sure by now, given the constant media coverage, everyone has heard about the collapse of Venezuela’s currency, the Bolivar. The exchange rate is now a billion Bolivars to one US dollar, or something ridiculously low. The collapse of the Bolivar rivals that of the collapse of the German Reichsmark in the 1920’s, so we’re… Continue reading Venezuela’s Collapse: Questioning the Media Narrative

Alex Jones De-Platforming Part 2: Jordan Peterson’s Response

Jordan Peterson is possibly wrong here. Banning Alex Jones was bad for Facebook because now a lot of people are (temporarily) pissed at Facebook. However, it’s not like Facebook is in a difficult position of having to decide who to ban or not. Facebook, Twitter, Apple, YouTube, etc. constantly ban. They have no trouble banning.… Continue reading Alex Jones De-Platforming Part 2: Jordan Peterson’s Response

Alex Jones de-platforming, part 1

All over Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube I’m still seeing anger over Alex Jones’ unexpected termination of his YouTube, Apple, and Facebook accounts. Even people and YouTube channels that have nothing to do with conspiracy theories or politics have chimed in. It’s evident Alex Jones’ de-platforming has a great cultural significance, or is evidence of Alex… Continue reading Alex Jones de-platforming, part 1

Ann Coulter lays off Trump

It seems Ann Coulter in the past few months has stopped ankle-biting Trump. She no longer does the daily border wall updates and has stopped criticizing Trump, in general. Mostly she just re-tweets links, with some commentary of her own, but is not critical of Trump anymore. My guess is, either she got tired of… Continue reading Ann Coulter lays off Trump

No dysgenic collapse

The cyclical curse On the one hand, this will present opportunities for the cognitive elite. On the other, the downward trajectory of society and civilization is almost certainly going to increase as time goes on, IQ continues to decline, and the r/selected increasingly outnumber the K/selected. The welfare system was bad enough, but combining it… Continue reading No dysgenic collapse

The Third Position

Occasionally, I still grapple with where this website falls on the left-right spectrum or the authoritarian-freedom axis. There are two intellectual/ideological pillars of conservatism/right-wing thought: There is mainstream conservatism. Examples include National Review, Town Hall, Fox News, and The Hill. This is pretty much your basic check-the-boxes brand of conservationism. It’s positions are predictable, and… Continue reading The Third Position

Bullshitting with Einstein

People who are smart, skeptic-minded, and knowledgeable about science at times believe in unfounded, unscientifically-tested things. One such example is brain training, specifically, memory training. Memory training was popularized by the 2011 best-seller Moonwalking with Einstein, by journalist and ‘memory champion’ Joshua Foer. The idea is, by using certain techniques and tricks, such as mnemonics… Continue reading Bullshitting with Einstein

Normies and Bugmen

Anyone who frequents 4chan, 8chan, or the outskirts of Reddit has probably encountered the word ‘bugman’ or someone being called a bugman. Etymologically, it has nothing to do with entomology or humanoid-bug mutants, but in the context of online discussion seems to be interchangeable with a much more common and well-known word, ‘normie’. Normie, bugman,… Continue reading Normies and Bugmen