Ann Coulter lays off Trump

It seems Ann Coulter in the past few months has stopped ankle-biting Trump. She no longer does the daily border wall updates and has stopped criticizing Trump, in general. Mostly she just re-tweets links, with some commentary of her own, but is not critical of Trump anymore. My guess is, either she got tired of being trashed in the comments by her own followers, or her ‘handlers’ or her publisher or agent told her to ‘get with the program’ because her criticism was hurting book sales. Maybe she learned that politics is NOT about policy, but about sentiment and conveying action. That is all it is. Trump’s sanctions/tariffs on Turkey, China, and Russia convey American nationalist sentiment. People want more defense spending because it makes them feel safe, and, again, conveys nationalism. Arresting one MS-13 member and parading his ugly tattooed mug in the press as 1000+ immigrants enter every day undeterred, conveys the effect of being ‘tough on immigration’.