Alex Jones de-platforming, part 1

All over Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube I’m still seeing anger over Alex Jones’ unexpected termination of his YouTube, Apple, and Facebook accounts. Even people and YouTube channels that have nothing to do with conspiracy theories or politics have chimed in. It’s evident Alex Jones’ de-platforming has a great cultural significance, or is evidence of Alex Jones’ immense influence, even more so than many could have conceived of. Alex Jones is sorta like that crazy relative who during the holidays interjects his weird theories and views at the dinner table–not maliciously harmful, but kinda weird and offensive yet still forgivable. People were like, “Alex Jones may be kinda crazy and mad, but let the man speak!”

Alex Jones is, however, a business man. His network is not a spontaneous grassroots organization, but rather a media empire. You have to understand, he knows where to draw the line, and that is part of the secret to his success and longevity as America’s favorite and most famous conspiracy theory guy. Had he invoked the ‘JQ’, he would have lost his Twitter accounts for sure, and de-platformed years, ago and he would have had a much smaller audience, and no one would have cared that he was banned. Same for talking negative about Blacks…poof…he would have been yanked long ago. Those topics are not for debate. The left could have left Alex Jones alone, being that he had not touched the third rail or the live wire, but now the left’s overreach is obvious.

It’s not just the JQ or the WQ (women question) …any ‘protected group’ is pretty much off-limits. Globalists, Bilderbergs, masons, and illuminati are not protected groups. Even the most basic JQ stuff is far more offensive and indefensible in the eyes of censors and average people than pizzagate or Sandy Hook conspiracies.

List of bannable offenses:

-Anything possibly homophobic
-JQ (obv. reasons)
-WQ (except white one, including other liberals, likes them)
-Making anything that can be construed as a threat or harassment against left-wingers or NRO-approved conservatives (such as John McCain). This means targeting a specific person. Alex Jones and Ann Coulter are careful enough to not target individuals.
-Re-tweeting something that breaks any of the above rules
-Direct messages
-Using twitter to incite a ‘mob’

The WQ is less controversial than the JQ, but still potentially incendiary if the presumed target is non-white (white women, as are all white people, are fair game). Traditionalists, who are often older and place heavy emphasis on historicism, tend to focus more on the WQ than the JQ, whereas the alt-right, who are younger and not as knowledgeable about deep and complicated religious and historical subjects, focus more on the JQ.