The Hivemind, Immigration, and IQ

From, A Review of Hive Mind: How Your Nation’s IQ Matters So Much More Than Your Own From the reviews on Amazon: The book’s primary and most important contribution is to document the following empirical regularity: Suppose you could a) improve your own IQ by 10 points, or b) improve the IQs of your… Continue reading The Hivemind, Immigration, and IQ

Functional Stock Market Theory

The idea is that the stock market can be described through a functional that is constrained by endpoint conditions depending on characteristics of the stock or market, such as volume, duration, and geometric factors. The theory borrows some concepts of relativity, but is simpler because the stock market occupies a single spatial dimension instead of… Continue reading Functional Stock Market Theory

Media Outrage Fuels Trump Campaign

Trump mocks reporter’s chronic illness — and MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ cruelly laughs about it And Donald Trump’s various rude and offensive comments haven’t hurt him at all Trump’s strategy is to get the media to overreact, which brings the issue to the forefront of the National Debate. Even if there’s no definitive proof New Jersey… Continue reading Media Outrage Fuels Trump Campaign

PUA and NRx

The Necessary Divorce Between Traditionalists/Altright and the PUAs PUAs are not truly against feminism at all. A PUA, which I will define as a man who wants to sleep with a lot of women, should be on his hands and knees praising feminism To conclude, I believe they should break off from the alt-right and… Continue reading PUA and NRx

The Daily View: Turkey, Isolationism, & Islam

How to Carve a Turkey – Begin with Airstrikes. This Thanksgiving, it looks like the biggest turkey of all is Turkey, for f-ing up big time in striking down that Russian warplane. For those who want to bet against Turkey’s continued economic decline, short TUR. Things are going to get worse. That’s what happens when… Continue reading The Daily View: Turkey, Isolationism, & Islam

How the Liberal Media is Always Wrong

We’re all dreaming the same dream that someone or something will break the monotony, and maybe that’s why Trump, who is perceived as a renegade in a world of ‘politics as usual’, is so popular. He’s like the Right’s version of Obama, bearing ‘change’, although more competent than Obama. You’re not missing out on anything… Continue reading How the Liberal Media is Always Wrong

Classical Liberalism, Democracy, Libtertarianism, Nihilism, and NRx

From Peter A. Taylor The Resurrection of Classical Liberalism Here’s what I think happened. The US began as an expression of classical liberalism. The founders were steeped in John Locke’s ideas about natural rights, as modified and popularized by writers like James Otis, Thomas Paine, and Thomas Jefferson. What actually made it into the American… Continue reading Classical Liberalism, Democracy, Libtertarianism, Nihilism, and NRx

Public Policy and Obesity

seem oblivious to basic awareness of GMO, HFCS, refined sugars, fluoride, aspartame,… In the past, it was liberals who made a big deal about food additives, but interestingly, with the post-2013 rise of Red Pill, neo masculinity, and ‘gym culture’, and with the backlash against fat acceptance, conservatives are becoming the new ‘health nuts’, which… Continue reading Public Policy and Obesity

Trump’s ‘Racist’ Tweet

Trump’s ‘racist’ tweet is going viral: Everyone knows what Trump meant, which is that black-on-black crime is very high and that white-on-black crime is very low. Some have argued that the tweet was intentionally wrong in order to get the media and people talking about the real statistics, which are still pretty bad: Whites Killed… Continue reading Trump’s ‘Racist’ Tweet

Malls, Marxism, and the Future

Interesting article from the Anti-Democracy activist, although I disagree with some of it. The ‘mall’ sucks. Amazon is putting them out of business, and good riddance. The ‘mall’, any mall, is sideshow of the dregs of humanity. At least Walmart and Amazon are cheap and convenient, versus spending hours strolling through a mall as you… Continue reading Malls, Marxism, and the Future