Jordan Peterson and Postmodernism

My approach is respectful and sincere, and rooted in my love of truth. While I do think that many college students are prone to over-theorizing and zealous, hot-headed action, I don’t see it as a phenomenon specifically associated with postmodern thinkers. I also believe that Postmodern theorists, including Foucault and Derrida, are largely on the… Continue reading Jordan Peterson and Postmodernism

Understanding Marx

Aaron dismisses the study of Marx as useless , but possibly falls into the the tempting trap of reductionism. The study of Karl Marx is more than Communism, which of course is a failure, as mass deaths during communists regimes or the economic under-performance of communist countries versus capitalistic ones (North Korea v. South Korea,… Continue reading Understanding Marx

Post-Labor Capitalism

In my post about conservatives being smarter than liberals, I ended on cliffhanger, leaving the solution open: Solutions are hard to come by. Simply getting rid of democracy won’t change the fact there are already millions of people dependent on govt. aid. I also discuss the ‘un-participatory’ underclass here (why collapse can wait) : Entitlement… Continue reading Post-Labor Capitalism

Malls, Marxism, and the Future

Interesting article from the Anti-Democracy activist, although I disagree with some of it. The ‘mall’ sucks. Amazon is putting them out of business, and good riddance. The ‘mall’, any mall, is sideshow of the dregs of humanity. At least Walmart and Amazon are cheap and convenient, versus spending hours strolling through a mall as you… Continue reading Malls, Marxism, and the Future

Libertarianism and NRx/Dark Enlightenment

From The Right Stuff: Libertarianism and Marxism: The Twin Offspring of Liberalism Hmmm…this may be a false equivalency. Libertarians believe in private property, personal autonomy (non-aggression principle), and the ‘ownership society’; Marxists, Communists, and Anarchists typically don’t. The central underlying assumption of Marxism (and by extension, of all the SJW nonsense that is plaguing us… Continue reading Libertarianism and NRx/Dark Enlightenment

Pro-Technology = Marxist?

From Esoteric Trad: Neoreaction’s elephant in the room Techno-Commercialists make up a portion of NRx and their position is quite popular. Maybe he means it’s popular outside of NRx, but from my observation it’s no longer popular inside of NRx, in which the trichotomy has become a dichotomy of traditionalists and ethno-nationalists, with the techno-commercialists… Continue reading Pro-Technology = Marxist?