Libertarianism and NRx/Dark Enlightenment

From The Right Stuff: Libertarianism and Marxism: The Twin Offspring of Liberalism

Hmmm…this may be a false equivalency. Libertarians believe in private property, personal autonomy (non-aggression principle), and the ‘ownership society’; Marxists, Communists, and Anarchists typically don’t.

The central underlying assumption of Marxism (and by extension, of all the SJW nonsense that is plaguing us today) is the notion that humans are fundamentally equal in their abilities (talent, potential, intelligence, etc). This is the logic behind the uplifting of Third World primitives to our level, the abolishing of gender roles, and all the other ills of the modern experience

That is true, and also the assumption that the state can create/force equal outcomes, even it it makes everyone worse-off as a result. Neoliberals, to their credit, know the distinction between equal opportunity and equal outcomes.

The problem, of course, is that there is no such thing as equality in this world. I don’t need to press this point to this audience; we all know that some people are smart, some are stupid, some are strong, some are weak, and so on. But the concept that there is a moral hierarchy as well will seem blasphemous to many. It shouldn’t be.

Libertarians don’t deny this – it’s the welfare left that does; biological determinism (Social Darwinism) and libertarianism are compatible. Furthermore, social justice warriors are parasites that produce no economic value; without the government to employ them (including the universities) and give them benefits, they would ‘die’ due to being ‘unfit’ for survival as they produce no economic value. Libertarians like Stefan Molyneux understand this. Some on right such as myself tend to be ‘partial libertarians’, supporting low taxes, free trade, low regulation, and private property, with the role of the state limited to national defense, maintenance of civil order, arbitration between private parties, and enforcement of property rights.

Liberalism must be purged from every crevice of our minds and souls before we are free and empowered to be truly just—which is to say, to dedicate ourselves fully to protecting our family, our nation and our race.

Libertarian typically believe in meeting force with equal force; they aren’t pacifists. Libertarians, unlike neoconservatives, don’t believe in interventionism, but they wholly believe in self-defense.

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