The Problem With Self-Publishing

After a couple days of downtime due to server failure, the site is back online.

To all 0-5 followers who will see Mike is right 95% of the time, but I don’t share his enthusiasm for self-publishing and social media as away for the average person to affect change. The anti-SJW movement, which related to #gamergate, took off not because of no-names like me, but because of major players with lots of Twitter followers who brought it to attention. Same for #cuckservative, and other movements and memes. I liken tweeting to screaming from a rooftop…where each home is spaced about two miles apart – pretty much useless unless you have a a lot of followers, which the vast majority of Twitter users don’t have. Twitter is kinda like an atom, in which the electron rings have vast gaps in between them, where each electron represents a user. Although the web has millions – maybe billions – of users, these users tend to be concentrated among maybe 100 popular sites, so the web is mostly empty with the exception of some clusters.

In self-publishing, the ‘gatekeepers’ are your competition, because the barriers to entry are so low that unless you are already well-known, without a lot self-promotion no one will ever find your work – and isn’t that the role of those awful publishers, to promote your work. All self-publishing does is create more work for you unless you already have fans to buy and promote your work, which the vast majority of self-publishers don’t, as I discuss in more detail here. The majority of self-published books don’t sell…if self-publishing were so great, traditional publishers wouldn’t be inundated with manuscripts from aspiring writers…all those newbie writers would go strait to Amazon without even considering traditional publishing, which is obviously not the case. It’s just hype, and part of this blog is about promoting realism and dispelling hype wherever it may reside.

Another problem is fake/fluff reviews, which makes it hard for buyers to ascertain the quality of a book.