YouTube steps up censorship

A few days ago, Bill Gates Paul got a strike (three strikes typically results in a channel termination, so this is a pretty serious matter) on his YouTube channel, and as protective measure to prevent further strikes has deleted all but two of his videos, and also as a consequence of the strike is not… Continue reading YouTube steps up censorship

WTF Happened in 2008

For the past 2 months, I have been seeing many discussions and references to the website “WTF Happened in 1971?” (, which purports to show how society underwent drastic societal and economic change around 1971. If I was going to make a similar website, I would put the cut-off point as recently as 2008, as… Continue reading WTF Happened in 2008

The Return of the Peterson

Dr. Jordan Peterson returns to Toronto after an 18-month absence due to serious health issues, or more specifically: depression, benzoate addiction, Covid-19 diagnosis, and bunch of other stuff, such as his wife being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. He has been through more personal turmoil in the past 18 months than most people will endure… Continue reading The Return of the Peterson

What happened to the protests?

Notice how over the past two or so weeks all the BLM protest have suddenly died down? In the final week of September there were nationwide protests regarding Breonna Taylor, but by early October coinciding with Trump’s Covid diagnosis, the unrest had seemingly evaporated. If Trump wins, there will likely be more protests, but what… Continue reading What happened to the protests?

Some Thought on Trump and Biden

It appears I made the rare mistake of not being optimistic enough about Trump. When Trump revealed his Covid diagnosis, I predicted that he would recover without complications, but given his risk factors, also predicted he would probably not be well enough to participate in the second debate, scheduled for October 15th, but I underestimated… Continue reading Some Thought on Trump and Biden

IQ and Entrepreneurship

I have argued that entrepreneurship is one of the few things that can make you rich and does not require outlier ability (as acting or elite athletics does), in which high-IQ people are not at such an absolute advantage compared to average-IQ people. High-IQ people are still at an advantage but not as high as… Continue reading IQ and Entrepreneurship

Who Does Washington Answer To?

It is not news that congressional approval ratings are low. Reports by Gallup show only 17-20% Americans approve of how Congress is doing its job, which is a multi-decade low: Although Congress’s favorability ratings have always been low, hovering around 30% approval since polling began in the mid-70s, the general trend since 2005 or so… Continue reading Who Does Washington Answer To?